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1. Your article should be a minimum of 1000 words or more, in Microsoft Word format, no html and no tables. If you have an image please attach….or you can place your article in the content area of your email as well.

Your articles must relevant in nature to be congruent with the “Living A Chemical Free Life” theme as naturally as possible. They must be interesting to read for our audience.

Make good use of paragraphs – spacing. We will not accept huge, hard to read chunks of text!

Please include links to 3 articles you have previously written and published on the web, along with a link to your social media. This helps us decide if you are a good fit…

Send to:

claire[at] chemical-free-living.com
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2. Your article must be original, and not spam or SEO driven.

3. Please include relevant images. Attach and send via email

4. You may plug your personal web site with 1 do-follow link in your content area. Your link should go to either your main (home) page, or the relevant sub page of your web site.

Please note, if we notice any suspicious behavior with the link you provide, your guest post will be deleted. This will be up to the discretion of the webmasters, and cannot be challenged. If your link in the bio is commercial ( an affiliate link) in nature (or if you provide these types of links in the content area), it may be considered a ‘paid’ text link or advertising and will be deleted.

5. Use the contact link provided to submit your content idea.

6. Once your article goes live, please share the link to your published story on your web site or social networks.

7. Your article topics should be natural health, fitness, wellness, nutrition related. Always feel free to submit your idea first for approval before writing your completed article. If we find your topic interesting, we will publish it.

8. Your article should not stir up any major controversy.

9. Please note, it may take a week or so for your article to be published. Articles go live in the order they are received. If the queue is low, your article may go live the same day sent in. On the other hand, if the queue is filled, it could be a significantly longer period of time. We cannot give you a specific publication date, we just ask that you remain patient. Once your article has been worked on, you will receive an email from us with your link and publication date.

10. Before submitting your article, please do a spell check and grammar check. It will be sent back to you if it does not meet our high standards of writing.

11. When you submit your article, provide a way for visitors to contact you via email or social networks in case they want to follow up with a question for you.

12. As much as we appreciate any guest articles or submissions, we cannot guarantee the duration or length of time the article will remain on our site. Most articles stay on our site for years, but we reserve the right to take down any article submitted for any reason, without explanation.

Remember, all articles must be original, and not posted on any other web sites. Your article will be taken down if found someplace else on the net, or if your promotional link in your bio goes to a spam, porn, sexual or gambling site…..or any other suspicious behavior with the link.

All links on this site are do-follow links and must point to respectable sites. Once your guest post goes live, or is scheduled for publication, you cannot ask for it to be removed from the chemical-free-living.com web page.

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