The Importance of All Natural Pet Care for You and Your Pet

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When you’re a pet owner, there are unending decisions you have to make regarding the well-being of your pet. They can’t advocate for themselves, so you have to stand in and do the research for them. While your pet may enjoy eating from a variety of food brands and chewing on any toy they can get, that doesn’t mean every pet care option out there is safe for them.

Researching the products in your pet’s life is essential to ensuring they’re happy and healthy. Spending a few minutes looking into what goes into your pet’s food or shampoo could mean the difference between your pet enjoying their days at home or having frequent trips to the vet. Read on to learn more about the importance of providing all natural pet care and how much of a difference it can make in the lives of both you and your pet.

1. Nature Isn’t New

Large corporations that produce pet products have the benefit of a large budget. They can spend as much money as they want on advertising their products and designing them to look as appealing as possible. The problem is all that appeal can distract customers from seeing features they may not want for their pets until it’s too late.

All natural products have been around since the beginning of time. They’ve been used for countless different reasons and have an extremely long track record. People know if they work, when they work and what the side effects are. Newer products don’t have that benefit. Even though products are tested before being put on store shelves, the long-term effects may remain unknown well into the future.

2. Synthetic Chemicals Are Damaging

Over time, dogs have been bred to become docile house pets. They’re adorable and loving, but some things can’t be changed about them. This is similar to many chemicals. Harmful chemicals will always be harmful, no matter how long a pet owner uses the chemical on or near their pet.

Even lighting a candle can be dangerous. Synthetic chemicals like acetate and formaldehyde, which are used in small amounts in candles, can trigger asthma and even cancer in pets over time.

3. Natural Products Can Save Money

Using natural pet products may cause a lifestyle change for you and your pet, but it will be well worth it. Sometimes, natural products, like dog food, may cost more initially, but in the long run, you’ll likely save money on your vet bill. Natural products can help your pet stay healthier and keep them feeling great.

Saving money is always an added benefit, especially since as of 2018, it’s estimated that U.S.-based pet owners will spend over $72 billion on their pets.

4. Chemical Runoff Is Eliminated

Many people associate pesticides with things like fertilizer or bug spray, but it’s also a pet product. Topical flea and bug treatments for pets are made of pesticide chemicals, and while they’re safe for pets to use, they’re not good for the environment.

Pesticides have low water solubility, so they don’t break down when they’re washed away in the runoff. They go on to join rivers and oceans, contaminating the wildlife around them.

5. Small Businesses Get Support

Small businesses have the time to make their own products, often by hand. These are more all-natural and home-based than other products at chain brand stores. Small businesses benefit from the support of pet owners looking for all natural products, which in turn puts more money back into the local economy.

Everyone benefits when they shop for all natural products at small stores, which also shows that the market for that kind of product is increasing. More options would be available in the near future if people buy natural pet supplies.

6. All-Natural Products Stop Animal Testing

When a business wants to make natural products, they often fall under the label of being vegan. This means products received cruelty-free testing and do not contain anything that will harm your pet.

Shopping for all natural pet care products makes animals around the world safer. Your pet immediately benefits, and you can rest easy knowing you’re helping other animals stay safe, too.

7. Additives Can Cause Allergies

Many companies that prepare pet food use additives to fill the food. This makes food production cheaper while still making the vast quantities corporations need to meet production estimates. These additives and fillers can spark food allergies in pets.

Additives are not natural ingredients, so pets’ bodies may not know how to digest them. These ingredients can cause adverse reactions in your furry friends, so it’s better to stick to all-natural foods that list real ingredients you can identify.

8. Pesticides May Lead to Cancers

Your pet most likely has access to your yard if you have a dog or an outdoor cat. That means they’re running across your lawn and living it up, but your lawn care products could be harming them without your knowledge. Many people assume that once fertilizer is used, it gets absorbed into the ground and washed away in the next rain. That’s not the case.

Fertilizer stays around long after you first lay it out on the grass. Most lawn care products contain the chemical 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid, which is very harmful to pets. If your pet walks across the fertilized lawn, sniffs an open bag of the product or eats some of it when a wet tennis ball rolls across the lawn and picks some up, they’re immediately in trouble. 2,4-D works fast in altering hormone production. This can cause cancers that are hard to detect, especially in dogs. These harmful pesticides work much like other synthetic chemicals that can be found in mass-produced pet products.

Go Natural Whenever You Can

To save yourself and your pet from wasted time and potentially harmful side effects, strive to live a life of all natural pet care. That means researching all natural options for the feeding, bathing and recreational needs of your pet.

You’ll also need to think about the products you use around your home that could be harmful as well, like pesticides. If you have any questions regarding your pet’s health or a particular product, always feel free to give your vet a call. They can help you determine the natural items to use safely around your animal, so you can be absolutely sure it’s what’s right to use in your pet’s life.

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