Relief From Urticaria Hives: My Body Was Out Of Control!!

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By desperate research and a lot of trial and error in trying to find relief from my hives, I found a natural approach to tackling my urticaria by addressing the underlying causes, of which previously I was unaware. I stumbled upon a simple procedure that amongst other things naturally addressed my body’s autoimmune issues and helped eliminate the toxin overload (build up) that caused my body to react to everything as an allergen, leading to my chronic urticaria. You’re probably thinking that your urticaria is triggered by a specific source or allergen, such as dust mites, perfume an allergy to your pet, alcohol, excessive heat, the cold, tight clothing, you name it… But You are Wrong…

My Body Was Out of Control

My condition spiraled completely out of control, to the point where I couldn’t bear to leave the house, my urticaria hives affected every part of my life, I don’t just mean the consistent itching, burning & feeling generally uncomfortable, I learned to deal with those issues a long time ago,.

No.. for me it became embarrassing, stupid I know but as my urticaria became worse, so did the state of my mind, almost to the point of depression, I couldn’t go out, I couldn’t work.. The whole situation was ridiculous. I am sure I had stress hives on stress hives!!

I Took Antihistamines, Cortisone Injections…

I took antihistamine daily for as long as I care to remember, I’ve had the cortisone injection’s and the courses of oral steroids, and guess what? They were all just a complete waste of time,. Yes the cortisone injections would help with a bad attack, I’m sure the courses of steroids played their part in relieving the symptoms at the time, perhaps the daily dose of antihistamine helped reduce my urticaria symptoms, I don’t know. What did concern me was the long term effects of cortisone…

These Drugs Did Create A Toxic Effect And Made Me Worse!

What I do know is,  I’d been fed a lie. All of the medication I’d religiously taken on the advice of my doctor to curb my allergies had only little symptomatic effect, while all the time they were actually making my problem worse.

I later discovered that the toxic affect of all of these drugs was compounding and gradually poisoning my whole body which only made my urticaria worse, but of course at the time I had no idea how harmful these drugs were & would have just continued following my doctors advice had it not been for something frightening happening to me.

My Hair Started Thinning! This Was The Last Straw!

I can’t say which particular drug caused my hair to start thinning, as I can’t be sure if it was just the antihistamine, the combination of different drugs or my body’s specific reaction to certain chemicals, what I will say is that this event scared me into action, this really was the last straw. For years I’d had to cope with urticaria wheals and swelling all over my body & face and now this… There really was no way I was going to lose my hair as well.

I Actively Researched Hives In Depth To Try A Natural Solution

I did a lot of digging around, I spoke to a lot or herbalists & alternative therapists, I even tried acupuncture, but nothing seemed to have the desired effect until I came across an Internet forum regarding urticaria hives, I followed a thread (I think that’s what they call it) which discussed a possible underlying reason for chronic urticaria hives and a natural method of alleviating it.

Was Hives A By Product Of My Toxic Environment, A Build Up Over The Years??

Through that one discussion and a little more research I went on to discover that my condition was most likely the result of my body’s incapacity to interact with an increasingly toxic environment, In other words my body had been poisoned by the very world I lived in..

I Suffer From An Overactive Immune System…

I found out that my chronic urticaria hives condition is not really an allergy at all and is actually due to an overactive immune system (an auto immune disease, similar to rheumatoid arthritis), or an inappropriate immune system response that is out of proportion to an offending allergen.

How many time’s have you woken up to find yourself covered in hideous wheals and welts like this? Mine would often cover my whole body. They grew into each other, causing massive swelling (Angioedema), leaving me resembling a pounded boxer fresh out of the ring. I guess I have a good idea what John Merrick ‘The Elephant Man’, felt like…:(

But still, the only solution my doctor had for me & my escalating urticaria was daily antihistamine & oral steroids, which I now know were a big, big mistake, but what can you do?, You trust what your doctor tells you, and you carry on taking what they prescribe because, well because they know best… Don’t They?

Relief from Urticaria, Hives

The real reason for your chronic urticaria hives you see, is, although your body may react to certain items or foods as if they were allergens, that is not the real reason for your urticaria hives. The items which you think are simply allergens work as actual triggers as well as allergens. Your urticaria is triggered when coming into contact with such allergens due to your body’s underlying autoimmune disorder.

The problem becomes compounded over time because of years of toxic build up which eventually coats the gastrointestinal wall. This happens because your body has an inability to deal with & dispel certain substances, thus leaving residue to build up over time. With this build up or overload coating your gut, your body reacts to any substance it assumes is an allergen, left unchecked as in my case, urticaria can develop into a consistent & sometimes daily problem.

I Suffered An Allergic Reaction To Just About Everything!

Towards the end of my time with chronic urticaria I appeared to be allergic to almost everything. If you are  anything like I was around 3 years ago, you’re probably feeling as if you are running out of options, maybe you’re entering a state of utter despair, even depression, and I completely understand how you feel. I was seriously wondering how long do Hives last……?

Only someone who has been where you are now, can truly understand what you’re going through now and that’s why I decided to recommend my findings & detail my personal urticaria treatment protocol. That was almost 3 years ago. And I am completely free of hives now and I have to say its SUCH a huge Relief!

Now It’s your turn, Let me help you reduce, control, beat & prevent urticaria plaguing your future… Using my experience and treatment methods which worked for me, these ideas may help you back to a place of balance.

Just as your body took a long time to get to the place it is now, it does take time, patience, dedication and proactiveness on your part. Unfortunately there is no quick fix and no instant answer as everyone’s body is different with different triggers….

How to Treat Hives…

Getting rid of hives is the result of my own research of trial and error, it’s the blood, sweat and tears of countless hours trying one thing after another…

But it’s not some miracle urticaria hive cure, I will say its not an overnight magic pill to end your urticaria misery by the time you wake up in the morning, nor will I tell you that you can end your urticaria in 2 or 3 days. I’m sorry but that’s just not realistic or possible, what I will say is this, I truly believe urticaria all boils down to compromised immune and gut function.

By testing and trying with elimination diets and following strict food protocols which does take courage and determination to stick to, you can control and ultimately beat your chronic urticaria.

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