10 Good Reasons To Eat Raw Food For Better Health

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organic produceA raw food menu is quite simple. Stock your cupboards with all the wonderful supplies you will need. A vast variety of them will be purchased at your local bulk food store or a health food store. Any dish is possible when you keep your cupboards loaded up with such staples as dates, nuts, seeds, dried fruits, olive oil, flax, and various other items you will soon learn about.

Of course your refrigerator has to be well stocked up with fresh fruits and vegetables as well. But growing your own organic vegetable garden makes this step much more simple.

I believe when you have access to some quick and tasty, healthy recipes, you will soon find this lifestyle change simple with a bit of practice.

It is a little overwhelming at first, just getting your mindset wrapped around “NOT cooking food”which we have been trained to do most for most our lives. You will soon find, as Don and I have, that you strive to fuel your bodies with as much raw food as possible. It does make a difference in how you feel. We certainly are “what we eat”, there is no question about that.

Why would you want to go raw?

Everyone knows that fresh fruits and vegetables are nutritious. But raw foodies have additional reasons for “going raw”. They are as follows:

1.Eating an organic raw food diet allows the body to release toxins. Many raw foodies believe that the diet can lead to better health and even eliminate disease.

2. Eating a raw food diet will almost always lead to weight loss for those who need to lose weight, without the feelings of hunger and fatigue that accompany most diets.

3. People who eat a raw food diet experience noticeable improvements in the appearance of their skin and hair. Their skin is brighter, eyes brighter and their hair has more body and glossiness.

4. Allows your immune system to heal itself and helps brings your body back into balance by triggering its innate healing abilities.

5. Increases your life longevity

6. Raw foodists  have more vital energy and often look younger due to the fresh vitamin, mineral intake and micro nutrients. Cooking very often destroys the crucial nutrient value of foods.

7. Improved quality of sleep. I find my sleep quality has improved enormously since beginning my raw food diet. Gone are the days when I would draaaaag myself out of bed feeling as if I had just gone to bed. I have so much more energy to burn 🙂

8. Your mental clarity will improve considerably. I found that annoying wall of brain fog began to disappear after a while and I also began to be aware of my body. This was an important breakthrough for me as I could “read” my bodies likes and dislikes more easily and I can tell you , this was a big breakthrough for me! If you listen, your body is sending out subtle signals all the time, we simply need to listen and take heed.

9. Improved bowel movements = increased health and vitality as the toxins are removed from your digestive system. A close to natural diet means your digestive system does not have to work so hard in digesting and eliminating foreign unnatural substances.

10. Raw food tastes amazing. Home grown organic food tastes even more amazing. Store bought food loses it’s flavour and texture. Our boys can tell  the difference  between store and homegrown broccoli, carrots, tomatoes and beans blind folded! Home grown tomatoes are like little bursts of jewel like flavors when you bite into a sun ripened straight off the vine. at th emoment we have tiny round yellow tomatoes and they are magical to eat.

I didn’t actually mean to write 10 good reasons why you could welcome raw food into your diet but once I got going, there were just so many reasons why you should, longevity being one of them !!

There are many good books about raw food eating and eating for health in bookshops and health food stores as well as the Internet  these days.

We buy many of our products from  Sunfoods, because they have a great range to choose from and are organic which we love. They stock all my favorite’s from maca powder, chlorella, beautiful organic creamy skin care products to delicious herbal teas which I can’t get in our local shops. I love the ease of ordering online, especially when I am busy  and don’t have the time to go shopping !

Now, this is an online company I really want to introduce you to! They have been around for  a long time and are so reliable and easy to deal with if I have any questions and their mail service is truly excellent.

In many ways they are a one stop health food shop with a huge variety of hundreds pf products to choose from. I get all my vitamins, hair shampoos, soaps and often I like to get a little something to sample to see what the product is like. The product on the left is one I love, Earth Mama Body Butter. It smells divinely delicious, I am sure it is good enough to eat and I love the way it smooths on , leaving my skin feeling satiny and well moisturized:) Take the time to have a look around and I guarantee you will love this store !

I will fill these pages up with as many recipes as I can to help you get started today!

Healthy Raw Snacks
Learn what a raw food menu is and see how many interesting recipes you will have access to as you begin preparing more raw foods.

Living Healthy Diet
Learn how fun a living healthy diet can be, using raw foods to prepare your meals and snacks from becomes fun, quick and exciting.

Raw Lifestyle
Discover how exciting a raw lifestyle can really be. You will begin to feel energized, experience weightloss, and have overall healthy results in your life.

Raw Snacks
Sink your teeth into these raw snacks, such as mouth watering fudge. It will surprise you when you find out what’s in them.

Raw Recipes
These great tasting raw recipes, will surprise you with their ingredients. Try cinnamon raisin bagels, or everything bagels. Using no flour, no sugar, and no eggs. A great choice for people looking to live a healthier lifestyle and shed a few pounds along the way

Healthy Pancakes
Discover this little treat of healthy pancakes. Using all organic raw ingredients. Making this a great choice when following a raw food diet.( bet you can’t just have one!)

Raw Bars
Raw bars are an instant hit when any of guests try them. They taste almost actually like the tradional “EAT MORE” chocolate bar. Try these little tasty morsels today!

Raw Crackers
These raw crackers are great to have on hand, just when you are looking for that carb, these crackers are your go to, except one thing, they have no flour, no sugar, no milk, nor eggs in them. You will want to make some of these tonight!

Raw Pie
Indulge in this mouthwatering raw pie, free of wheat, sugar, dairy and eggs!

What Is Stevia
What is stevia is a question I used to ask myself. But now that I know more about this sugar alternative we use it all the time in our home now.

Fruit Cake Cookies
These tasty fruit cake cookies will pleasantly surprise your taste buds when you discover they are dairy free, sugar free and wheat free. To top it off they have this sinful maripan icing on top that is also all raw! Bet you can’t just have one?

Benefits Of Coconut Oil
Discover the astonishing benefits of coconut oil. I to was very surprised when I started researching for this article just how truly awesome this healthy oil really is for you. I encourage all my readers to read this article

Gluten Free Pancakes
These mouthwatering pancakes are made free of flour, eggs, and sugar. They are super easy to make and with all the flax meal in them you are sure to be getting the healthiest ever pancake!

Raw Spaghetti
Try this mouthwatering raw spaghetti dish, that is sure to be a crowd pleaser. And the bonus is it can be made in under 15 minutes from start to finish!

Homemade Ice Cream
Gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, sink your teeth into this mouthwatering ice cream.

More about raw food dehydrators here

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