Organic Linens

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If you’ve ever gotten into a bed made with organic linens you will immediately notice the difference. Their silky smooth feel is unmatchable.

Magnolia Organics Dream Collection Sheet Set - Queen, Lavender Grey
Organic Bed Sheets

And surprisingly enough it is never an issue to wash your linens over and over, as their high quality ingredients make it possible for them to withstand repeated washes. In fact the softness of the sheets just grows and grows more comfortable with every wash. Making these linens the best value for your dollar and for the environment.

These linens are increasingly becoming more popular as more people move towards making the conscious decision to go green. The price of these organic linens can be a little more expensive, however the benefits of these linens outweigh the cost by far.

When you purchase these linens you are supporting the farmers who use products that are safer for the environment, thus helping to reduce your carbon footprint. Because organic fabric does not have harmful chemicals and pesticides in it’s manufacturing, and care is taken to use natural dyes, it is safer for you the consumer, and for your overall health as well as the environment.

Natural organic linens will provide relief from those suffering from allergies, multiple chemical sensitivities, and skin problems. Providing the consumer some wonderful choices when it comes to style and colors as well.. Back when organic cottons first became available on the market, the consumer had very little colour choices to choose from. Generally having just a few natural tones in which to pick from. But as the popularity of these linens have increased so has the value and demand!

Gray Silky Bamboo Sheet Set Queen
Smooth Silky Bamboo Sheet Sets

Bamboo is quickly becoming one of the greenest fibers on the market today. It’s creating quite the buzz due to it’s amazing comfort and antimicrobial properties. Each sheet in the line is extremely soft and durable. Making it feel like new, wash after wash after wash! We wouldn’t use anything else now. The comfort is second to none. We made our purchase of bamboo sheets on line, and highly recommend you do the same. There are many different varieties to choose from, so have a look and see what you think.

The definition of linens is “ that linen originally referred to fabric and yarn derived from the flax plant”. Organic linens produced by the fibres of the flax crops, have been grown without the use of toxic fertilizers and pesticides. Flax is one of the strongest vegetable fibres. Flax linen has 2-3 times more strength of that of cotton.

organic beddingCertified organic bedding means that the fibres which are used to create the sheets come from handpicked certified 100% organically grown cotton. Giving the consumer many choices when choosing which linen is best suited for them.

Your home is your sanctuary. It is a reflection of who you really are. Your likes, dislikes and style, present themselves in your home. So as someone who’s concerned about the environment , or has chemical issues or allergies, you would want to fill your home with the eco-friendly products, to ensure that your “space” has the most superb outstanding quality available out there. Also to protect our environment and ourselves from the toxic elements that commonly lurk in some homes, effecting our everyday health.

By discovering these options out there to use, you are helping to protect your family from hazardous toxins that commonly are invading peoples homes. You will have remarkable results in your bodies health just by making a few changes such as these linens and other such eco-friendly products.


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