Natural Organic Herbal Remedies For Everyday Use For Your Family

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natural-organic-remedies-for-the-familyIf you had asked me a few years ago what I knew about natural products and natural organic remedies for health, I would have stared back at you with a blank expression. Natural? I thought everything in the world was natural. After all, even processed items had to start out somewhere. I was pretty sure not everything was originally dirt but at least as natural as it.

Well, was I ever wrong. As I began my journey with hives, I discovered that food and what we put in our bodies makes us healthy or not. It was as simple as that. Food and our inner mental landscape, our awareness of the world around us and how our body is reacting

When I started reading food labels and reading up on herbal remedies I started to discover I was using some natural products already but had a great deal more to learn about their effectiveness as alternatives to what we usually rely on. I was well acquainted with Echinacea as a cold remedy as I had been using that for years. I knew eucalyptus was effective in soothing an irritated throat as it was in lozenges I used.

Healing Herbs In Your Garden

Then I started to make the connection between replacing medications with natural organic remedies and the light bulb went on. Soon I noticed that it wasn’t hard to create do-it-yourself household products using natural ingredients.

It wasn’t long before I started paying more attention to what was available around me. We started growing herbs in our garden and we also discovered we felt healthier.

With the centuries of history most herbs have had for medicinal and culinary purposes it isn’t hard to understand that there is something to the use of all-natural alternatives. I like to look at it as helping ourselves and the environment stay healthy.

We Have Many Herbs Growing In Our Garden

As I mentioned, we have many of them growing in our backyard. If I cut myself I walk over to the aloe plant, snap off a leaf and rub it on the injury without breaking a sweat, hunting for a tube of antiseptic or running downtown to get more. When I need to brush my teeth I just get some coconut oil, spread it on my toothbrush and take care of business. It also doubles as a breath freshener so I don’t need to buy mouthwash either!

Rosemary Gladstar: Years Of Wise Woman Knowledge To Share

Well known author Rosemary Gladstar, I love her name, will make your life easier and cheaper as you’ll also save a bundle as you won’t be buying all the stuff you used to when you learn the many secrets hidden within the power of natural remedies to everyday problems. Your health and natural wellbeing will improve.

Rosemary Gladstar’s Best Selling Medicinal Herbs

There are a total of 33 common healing plants and herbal remedies featured in this best selling book, Medicinal Herbs. They are categorized under four main headings: Health, Beauty (conditions), Beauty (recipes) and Household. You will be amazed with the many things you can do in and around your home with these all-natural alternatives which will also save you money while protecting the environment from harmful toxins.

Heal Every Day Health Issues Naturally

The Health section contains a number of health conditions these herbal remedies can alleviate including arthritis, back pain and bad breath all the way to hot flashes, toothaches and weight loss. There are also recipes and tips plus troubleshooting ideas to assist you to get the maximum possible benefit from the herbal mixtures.

Create Immune Boosting and Beauty Healing Tinctures, Oils, and Creams

The Beauty (health conditions inc. ) section features recipes, tips and suggestions on ailments from acne and cold sores to warts with a great recipe on how to make chemical free peppermint toothpaste.

In today’s world, with the time demands on each and every one of us, we often find ourselves turning to modern conveniences when it comes to many situations. This includes our reliance on chemical medications to fix a variety of health handmade organic soapYou will be amazed with how easy it is to make something like an all-natural soap that will not irritate your skin but will keep you clean and smelling fresh.

Make Your Own Deodorant

There’s also a recipe to make your own deodorant that doesn’t use harmful aerosol sprays. You’ll find these suggestions will not only make you feel better, they may even inspire you to replace more of the products currently in your home with all-natural alternatives which will also assist in improving your health.

124 Recipes With Detailed Information To Guide You

In Medicinal Herbs a total of 124 recipes using herbs, all of which can be grown in your backyard garden, are featured. Each with a detailed outline of the various health benefits they can provide. For example, cloves, garlic, ginger and oregano are useful for much more than just spicing up meals in the kitchen. Ancient civilizations unlocked the mysteries of these and many other herbs discovering the many health benefits of each.

Benefits Of Cloves & Garlic

Cloves have a long history of being beneficial in clearing up the symptoms associated with colds and can help eliminate mold and cure many minor skin conditions. Garlic is useful for fighting respiratory and circulatory conditions. Ginger can reduce inflammation and muscle pain and oregano can fight respiratory infections and contains compounds that boost your body’s immunity.

Designed As A Reference Book To Use: Not Sit On The Shelf

Medicinal Herbs is designed to be a reference book you can turn to everyday, featuring such useful and practical solutions to everyday problems that you will want to keep  the book handy for fast and frequent reference. Even if you don’t consider yourself a ‘health nut’ you will have difficulty denying that these natural solutions to everyday problems aren’t worth looking into and trying. I find myself turning to them on a regular basis to find ideas to help my family.

The Focus Is All Natural For A Healthier Life

The key is the focus entirely on all-natural alternatives to regular medication and chemical-filled products. They promote a safer way of life for both you and the environment and that’s why I am excited about sharing them with you.

Medicinal Herbs focuses on 24+ different herbs you can grow in your garden. Each of them contains compounds that can lead to better health and wellness. For example, aloe is well-known to help fight colds as it can support a healthy immune system. Aloe also promotes healthy digestion, aids with antioxidant levels in the body as well as helps the body remove toxins.

Other herbs promoted as assisting with cold and flu recovery include Echinacea and eucalyptus. Clove, garlic, ginger and oregano are best known as being used in culinary dishes for flavoring but each of these has additional health benefits.

Cloves can be used to clear up colds, mold and skin irritations while garlic can be used to fight respiratory and circulatory conditions. Ginger has hidden uses including reducing inflammation and muscle pain with oregano useful in fighting respiratory infections, candida and contains compounds that support the immune system.

These natural herbal remedies have been used for centuries and have such a long history of use because they work. Now you can learn how to make them go to work for you to make you feel and look better with this book. I can tell you that all the research has been done for you and detailed for you and your entire family.

Growing a natural medicine cabinet of healing herbs in your backyard for natural organic remedies for your home and family is possible. Rosemary shares all you need to know about the most useful herbs to start adding to your diet for health benefits.

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