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Discover The Benefits of Using Home Made Beauty Products

Now ask yourself, what are the benefits of using home made beauty products? The obvious reasons are the health advantages to your body, when using these products. Going this route you know actually what you are getting , and are in control of what you put on your body.

As a rule, home made beauty products contain extracts of different wonderful ingredients such plants, oils and fruits. You are able to clearly read all the products listed on the labels. These ingredients soothe, tone, moisture and heal your skin and hair. Free of all harmful toxic ingredients it is truly clear why this is the best decision to make when choosing your beauty products.

Since the whole country is striving to Go Green why not take a step further and replace your beauty products with all natural beauty products that you can make yourself at home, or purchase natural hair dyes made with hennas and perms made with vegetable roots etc…these later products can be purchased at any health food store near you.

The synthetic chemicals that we expose our bodies to have very similar affects on our skin and hair, as the pesticides we ingest when choosing to eat foods that are non-organic. They’re poisons cause our immune systems to become damaged and inflamed. This inflammation response creates free radicals called oxidant which destroy cells. Thats what causes wrinkles, the more cells you lose the more your skin shrinks and folds.

To take a more soothing approach to our skin and hair, try using gentle ingredients used for making beauty products such as, coconut, burdock, aloe vera, gardenia, grapefruit, calendula, chamomile, lavender, mango, mint, and oatmeal just to name a few of the many varieties out there when making your own natural supplies.

The ingredients in which to look for , for added moisturizing qualities are mandarin, vanilla, banana and ylang ylang.

If your looking to tone, restore and firm up your skin look for ingredients such as, strawberries, banana, vanilla and ylang ylang.

Considering how important a role our skin plays in our lives it is essential to look after it as best we can. Skin keeps us cool, or warm, it heals our wounds, absorbs vitamin D through the sunlight, and protects us from disease. It is vital that we treat our skin with the best of care, so it can do the same for us.

Knowledge is power, so arm yourself with lots of it, as you begin this journey into a more balanced, spiritual, and healthy lifestyle. Collect as much information as you can about toxins and chemicals that lurk in our everyday beauty supplies that surround our stores shelves. And make a change today to natural, younger, healthier you!

Pure essential oils are very useful when making your own home made beauty products

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