A Morning Ritual

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The early morning is such a valuable time for serenity and solitude. It’s a perfect time to spend some time alone and enjoy the present moment. Make some time for yourself to cultivate inner peace and to set your intention for a wonderful day ahead. Dedicate 10 minutes in the morning for the following chakra balance meditation. It’s simple and easy to do and will leave you feeling relaxed, peaceful and ready to face the busyness of the day!


Base– gently hold onto your ankles and visualize the colour red. Say to yourself: I am supported by the planet.I am supported by life.I am grateful for the lessons I have learned and the foundations of who I am.I remember all the things I hoped for when I was a child. I am balanced and supported. I am safe.All is well.

Sacral- Gently rest your hands on your lower abdomen and visualize the colour orange. Say to yourself: I am a joyful being. I release all sadness and concerns about my sexuality.I am free to have fun and happiness is my divine birthright. I am creative, sexually open and seek pleasure and joy in every moment of life. Life is sweet.

Solar- Gently rest your hands on the middle of your stomach and visualize the colour yellow. Say to yourself: I let go of anger towards myself and others. I completely accept myself and others from this day onwards. I release being a worrier. I let go of the past and trust the future is bright. I live in harmony with myself and others.

Heart– Gently rest your hands of the center of your chest and visualize the colour green. Say to yourself: I love freely and openly.I show compassion to all the people I meet and open my heart to others. I am open to give and receive love. Love is everything and everywhere. I am safe. All is well.

Throat– gently rest your hands on the front of your throat and visualize the colour blue. Say to yourself: I only speak the truth. My opinions are valid. communication is valuable and productive. I listen attentively to others. I honor the fact my words are powerful and I respect the importance of listening and speaking from my heart.

Third eye– gently rest your two index fingers in the middle of your eyebrows and visualize the colour indigo. Say to yourself: My intuition is my greatest gift.I trust my inner knowledge and there is no need for me to over analyze situations. I allow information to flow freely in and out.

Crown– raise your hands the top of your head and gently rest them upon the crown. Visualize white or gold light radiating above and entering your head and say to yourself: I trust my higher self.I trust my intuition. I am guided and I invite spirituality into my life.

Finish this simple morning meditation are taking a few deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth. Keep a beautiful journal handy and write down any thoughts that come to you… Enjoy a day of balance and inner peace.

Tree of Life Mosaic From My Favorite Mosaic Artist, Irina Charny, ICMosaics


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