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Today I am publishing an article shared with me by Christine Dimmick, Author, “Detox Your Home” She shares her impassioned plea for us to wake up and truly see what is happening in our world around us. You can make a difference, however small and significant you may feel it to be, those choices, large or small add up and change humanities mindset. There is a great deal we can do in our daily lives, a step at a time. Lets think about the impact of what we do and the world we are “gifting” future generations.

As I write, this Cape Town is in a state of emergency.  They have no water.  A city surrounded by water––a beautiful sea everywhere you look––and none of it drinkable. As CBS News correspondent Debora Patta reported, one of the reasons the water crisis has reached this point is because of this mirage of comfort. When you wake up to a never-ending water view, why would you think that tomorrow you would have nothing to drink?

Many of us who live in countries that have the power to make a difference wake up to abundance.  Our grocery stores are packed. We have everything we could possibly want, never mind need, less than 24 hours away.  In  NYC it is less than 24 minutes away. This very abundance is what keeps us from taking action on issues that are slowly killing us all.

We Take Too Much For Granted!

Why worry about the impact of cows requiring valuable water resources, when you are hungry and craving a  seemingly harmless double-stacked hamburger from Bareburger,  some of which you inevitably toss into the trash, unworried about the methane gas it emits when it ferments in a plastic bag on a garbage barge.

We as a culture have become incredibly disconnected from the sources of everything we use and eat. As a result, we are also disconnected with our own health, popping pills instead of acknowledging our choices are killing us. I speak from experience.

 My Cancer Diagnosis Changed My Life In A Heart Beat

A little over three years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. As the founder of a natural cleaning products company, I considered myself healthy.

It was not until my own diagnosis, the loss of two friends to cancer who were in their mid-forties, a friend’s 45-year-old husband’s diagnosis with stage 4 colon cancer AND my husband’s cancer diagnosis––all within 3 years––that I stopped in my tracks and truly opened my eyes to what is happening.

With Stage 1 cancer, I was lucky. A lumpectomy and six weeks of radiation was all I needed get my life back. This gift from my body was not in vein. Instead of going through the process and going back to my old ways––I took the wake-up call and opened my eyes.

It Is Our Right To Feel Good

Our bodies are aligned with our Earth, and the Earth’s health is a remarkable barometer for our own health. We have been brainwashed to think that “feeling good” is something very few people are gifted with, when it is our birthright. We are meant to feel good, to sleep well, to have breath and to be mentally alert––but so many of us are not. Nearly every woman I know has an autoimmune disease. UnitedHealth predicts half of the American adult population will have diabetes or pre-diabetes by 2020.  And one in three people will get cancer, according to the American Cancer Society.

What Is Going On?


It is simple: our Earth is dying and so are we. Every single thing you use––even plastic wrap––comes from the Earth’s resources. In plastic’s case it is oil, coal, minerals and maybe a rubber plant. We introduce new products at an astounding rate––over 30,000 every year (this is not including make up, clothing or food) and grocery stores carry 50x more products than 80 years ago, according to economist James Bessen. Our insatiable need for more and for new––combined with nearly zero regulations on sustainability––is creating an environment our planet simply cannot withstand.

We Take, What Do We Give Back?

Nearly every single product in your home and life takes from our planet and does not give back.  Ironically, we point the finger to industries such as Christmas tree farming––which does more for sustainability by planting trees that absorb CO2––instead of non-recyclable straws you get every day at Starbucks, movie  theatres, and other well eateries, which cause enormous harm to our oceans and sea life.

We continue to rape our planet, but the laws of nature will not lose.

Every day we breathe a little less cleaner air than we did the day before. We mindlessly eat a free sample at Costco, never thinking to ask if this is good for me, assuming the marketer giving it to us knows. We buy expensive creams, cheap clothing and a new phone every year because it’s better and never ask: who or what is this better for?

If it is not good for the planet we live on––how on earth could it be healthy for us?

It seems so obvious–– as obvious as voters supporting a candidate the number one cable news channel supported. Yet the media continues to discuss Trump’s election win with bewilderment, as we the people scratch our heads and wonder why we don’t feel good.

When you have a system based on profit over health, when money becomes what you protect and honor and you see this as your means to wellbeing––you will suffer.

None of us will experience the health we seek until we put our Earth and its resources first. No amount of money will save you from the barren end when you ignore the health of your environment.  Even water. In December, the New York Times reported a new Silicon Valley trend: “raw” water.

A water that is “foraged” from local mountains and unfiltered or untreated. But buyers are getting sick. Sick because we no longer have any pure water. The air pollution alone requires all water be filtered in some way. These tumultuous, revolutionary times are calling us all to action.

The general public has a responsibility to demand and vote for leadership that regulates industry, instead of accepting campaign contributions. Voters should demand resignation from leaders that do not seek regulation, a commonsense practice for the common good.

Leadership should have the foresight and wisdom to trust experts in their fields and should create a new economy where health and sustainability are priorities. It can be done. The choice is ours, but we too need to have the foresight and wisdom to listen to others who have lost their health and heed their advice. Without health we have nothing.

We need to put this truth to action.

Be well.

Christine Dimmick, Author, “Detox Your Home”. CEO – The Good Home Company

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