How To Get Organic Eggs From Chickens At Home

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how to get organic eggs from chickensHow you can guarantee that the eggs you eat are free of all those nasty chemicals? What if you could get organic eggs from chickens, knowing the chicken that lay those eggs are healthy and happy?

With all the talk around free range chickens, and ethical practices within the poultry industry, it’s little wonder we prefer to buy free range eggs when possible

But even though these free range eggs cost a little more, how do we really know how these eggs are produced, and what do you get for the money?

What’s The Definition Of Free Range…

The problem is that the definition of free range chicken farming was substantially changed, such that all a chicken farmer has to do is “allow access for chickens to go outside”.  In fact, the average egg laying chicken does not live in a nice grassy field as you might imagine.  And they are still fed loads of chemicals and antibiotics, to make them grow faster and lay more eggs.

But what happens to these chemicals?

Most of the time, the commercial eggs that we buy from the store continue to be laid buy intensively farmed chickens, and not from those truly free range chickens who roam grassy fields in the bright sunshine.  Free roaming chickens get to enjoy the best organic feed for chickens possible. The concentrated chemicals that are fed to these chickens may well be passed through the eggs and onto the consumer. That is you and me!

So, how to get organic eggs from chickens….?

best organic chicken feed for laying hens

There is a really simple way to get happy, healthy and chemical free eggs – raise your own backyard chickens!  Backyard chickens and pet chickens are really interesting little creatures that are one of the simple pleasures in life. The benefits of free range eggs are not just the eggs, there is the fun of learning about raising chickens, learning about their different characters- they are just like humans.

Some are quiet and shy and some are so pushy and full of cheekiness you’ll be amazed! You can teach them to come when you call, to sit on your shoulder and watching them scratch around the garden is relaxingly therapeutic.

Keeping chickens in your backyard is a great way to use some free space in your backyard. You can recycle chemical free scraps from your kitchen, and you get the bonus of collecting the wonderful healthy eggs each day.  We love it, and the kids love it too!

It is so easy to raise healthy chickens!

what to feed chickens for organic eggsThere is no need to treat backyard chickens with loads of chemicals.  When raising free range chickens for eggs in the backyard, all you need to do is feed them with a recommended natural grain mix which is the best organic feed for chickens.

Make sure they always have fresh water, and keep their chicken coop clean.  Oh – and treat them with all of the recycled kitchen scraps each day, which chickens just love.

Birds of a feather

Chickens are sociable animals, and it is recommended that you don’t just get one chicken by itself.  At least two and preferably 3 chickens seems to be the right number to keep them happy.  Chickens need a nice warm chicken coop with a roost at night time, but apart from that they have very simple needs.

What to feed chickens for organic eggs: Food and Water

raising free range chickens eggs

Now, you are probably wondering how to get organic eggs from chickens? It’s actually very easy! You need to make sure that chickens have adequate supplies of fresh food and water, and without both of these ingredients, they will not be happy and healthy.  If you want your chickens to produce a steady and regular supply of eggs, then you need to provide them with the raw materials on a daily basis.

The good news is – this is not difficult if you are wondering what to feed chickens for organic eggs.  Every morning, simply top up the water supply and make sure there is enough for the whole day.  Also fill up the food, either in a chicken feeder or an open tray and make sure there is enough food for the numbers of chickens in the flock.

Pet chickens are delightful little pets

The best part of raising free range chickens for eggs in your backyard is watching them peck and scratch around the yard.  Pet chickens will absolutely love to see you in the backyard also, and will come running over to you.  Even better if you bring a gift of lovely chemical free kitchen scraps, your chickens will love it!

Children love collecting eggs from those free range chicken nesting boxes you have made. There is nothing more exciting than finding freshly laid eggs, still warm to touch and letting little hands pop them carefully in the basket.

What is the benefit of keeping backyard chickens?

chicken coop for free range chickens

If you like to live in a chemical free environment, then keeping backyard chickens can actually be a great way to live.  The benefit of keeping chickens in the backyard is to help get rid of weeds and bugs.  If you have a safely enclosed garden, or a nice grassy area, or even if you only have a very small outdoor space, chickens are very versatile, and will be quite at home.

If you like to keep backyard chickens and let them roam around the garden they will act just like weed killers and bug sprays, and help you get rid of all of these unwanted pests, without using chemicals.  So if you like to live in a chemical free environment, keeping happy healthy chickens can be a great way to do it.

One word of caution – don’t let your pet chickens get loose in the flower or vegetable garden, because they just love to eat all sorts of things, and they don’t know the difference between a Dahlia and a Dandelion.  They will probably eat both!

Aside from that, benefits of free range eggs and chickens are:

  • Chickens make great pets
  • Enjoy spending time in the backyard with chickens – they are fun
  • Chickens will happily recycle kitchen scraps
  • Reduce your household waste
  • Reduce the need to bug spray
  • Reduce the need for pesticides
  • Collect chemical free eggs every day from free range chicken nesting boxes !
  • Chickens may not lay forever

Some chickens lay eggs every day like clockwork – but don’t take this for granted.  As the seasons change, or as the chickens get older, they may not lay eggs every day.  Please don’t dispose of your pet chickens, just because they stop laying.  A better idea is to introduce a new chicken into the flock, so that the younger hens can keep laying, and you keep getting lovely chemical free eggs!

free range chicken nesting boxes

Good luck with your new family members– and learning how to get organic eggs from chickens! You’ll find its a fun project and remember to keep the chickens happy if you want to collect healthy chemical free eggs! If you are looking for more ways to reduce your chemical usage, you may like to read 5 Ways to Lighten Your Chemical Load

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