What Is Wheat And Gluten Intolerance?

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What Is Wheat And Gluten Intolerance?Do you suffer these symptoms? Weight gain, digestive issues, headaches, allergies, bloating, low iron, aching joints and obesity. If you suffer from any of these symptoms the cause might well be a gluten intolerance or allergy. It can be as simple as what you eat. But what is wheat and gluten intolerance?

Gluten Allergies May Be Responsible For Over 55 Diseases..

Many specialists suspect that more than 55 diseases can be traced back to an intolerance to gluten, the simple protein found in wheat, rye, and barley. A scary fact, it’s been estimated 99% of people who  suffer from the symptoms of coeliac disease, have either gluten intolerance or celiac disease.

Sadly, these people are never diagnosed and can feel the effects for  a lifetime with little of no relief.

“The majority of Celiac patients had visited 5 or more doctors prior to diagnosis… and it had taken an average of 5 to 10 years, after initial presentation, for celiac to be diagnosed.”
Kumar V, Beyond Celiac Society

15% Or More Of People May Be Affected….

It is possible as much as 15% of the US population is gluten intolerant. Could you be one of them?
Stop suffering today  and find out if a simple change in diet will completely restore your health  and give you back the robust lifestyle you deserve.

What Is Gluten?

signs and symptoms of gluten intoleranceWhat is the gluten part of the question what is wheat and gluten intolerance? Gluten is in essence the “glue” found in flours and is not digestible by many people. Gluten is found in wheat, rye, barley, spelt, and kamut.

An intolerance or allergy to any food is a condition you are born with and arming yourself with as much knowledge as possible makes living with this allergy very manageable.

What seems to be missing in these certain individuals when dealing with gluten intolerance, are  the enzymes that help breakdown the gluten.

Gluten Intolerance Worsens As You Age…

Gluten or celiac disease generally worsens as you age. Research has proven that it does in fact run in families and it is a permanent condition that you learn to live with. We know this for a fact as our son Hunter is definitely gluten intolerant as is Don and his mother !

70% of chronic diseases result from gluten issues and affects women and men, but usually women have a higher incidence.

Gluten Intolerance Affects The Brain & Can Induce Depression & Anxiety…

signs and symptoms of gluten intoleranceDr. Tom O”Bryan a specialist in this area, states that the No.1 organ affected by gluten intolerance is the brain. Listed as No 2 and 3 are the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Men’s symptoms tend to differ from women, they seem to show signs of dermatitis heretiforms ( a skin condition). Women and children seem to show more signs of inflammation and joint pain. There is  a definitive link to autism and being a celiac according to scientific studies.

Changes In Agriculture: Genetically Modified Wheat Strains

In addition, Dr.O’Bryan stated since agriculture has undergone such an intensive change in the past 40 years with genetically modified wheat strains and the  use of highly toxic chemicals to farm, we no longer eat  grains that our digestive systems  can breakdown and  tolerate.

Our Body Protests…

Our whole body begins to display all sorts  conditions such as inflammation of the joints, skin conditions, digestive issues, general pain, cognitive ability is impaired and the list goes on….as our body tries to protect itself against the gluten protein which it recognizes as an invader.

Since chemical use and exposure has been radically increased around the world  in our water systems, our air, our agriculture practices, wireless devices etc…. this is all affecting our bodies so we may not be able to handle such small intruders as gluten.

The following articles will guide you as you go through the process of determining if you truly do have a gluten allergy.

I have compiled a  list of gluten free foods from around the world for you to have a look at. This site contains an extensive data base of what does and doesn’t contain gluten.

A Guide To Help You Start Living A Gluten Free Lifestyle

Discover the various symptoms that arise when dealing with gluten allergies.

Foods Containing Gluten

Learn about foods that contain unsafe ingredients. This is my list I have extensively researched and from personal experience! Gluten is used extensively in foods as a thickener including your hair shampoo! Always read the label and learn the manufacturing language of the different names they call gluten.

Gluten Allergies
Discover the many ways gluten allergies can affect your body. Take control and begin to transform your body, and your health as you learn to live in a gluten free world. From bloat to brain fog, achy joints and more….

List Of Gluten Free Foods
Here I have compelled a general list of gluten free foods to help you get started on your path to health and wellness! Basically fresh vegetables, fruits and meat are 100% free of gluten. Any cookies, cakes and baked goods which you make using gluten free alternatives are also safe.

What Is Gluten?
There is a lot of discussion on what exactly is gluten and it can be confusing! Learn what the source of gluten is and why it effects our body so much..

Staying Positive
Discover why staying positive is as important as the foods we feed our bodies. Mindset, as we are hearing, has a huge impact on our daily lives for living a happy connected life, or one where we are existing….. When you are not feeling well, staying in good frame of mind becomes even more important.

Gluten Free Recipes
By understanding what flours to use and finding good gluten free recipes you to can enjoy all the foods you used to enjoy by making them gluten free.

Gluten Free Flour Mix
By understanding all the different gluten free flour mix chooses available out there, and their many purposes, you may find the transition to gluten free cooking a little or a lot easier.

IbS Syndrome
Discover the symptoms and solutions to follow when dealing with IBS syndrome, also known as irritable bowel syndrome. Gluten can often be a root cause of this life affecting condition.

Gluten Free Cake Recipes
Indulge in these mouthwatering gluten free cake, bread, cookie and pasta recipes, sure to tempt your taste buds. And at the same time you can purchase this handy little cookbook called The How Can It be Gluten Free Cookbook.

What Is The Wheat And Gluten Intolerance Effect On You?

As you have discovered, this is an autoimmune disease causing damage to the small intestine, which leads to systemic inflammation, nutrient malabsorption and many other significant health issues.

I am sure you have experienced the merry go round of doctors visits and the pure frustration involved when they say there is nothing wrong with you! The best way to take control of the weight gain effect, digestive issues, headaches, allergies, bloating, low iron, aching joints and obesity problems, is by becoming proactive.

Take control of your life, change your diet, read the labels on every bottle, jar and container and begin to eliminate all those foods neatly packaged for your  “convenience” on the shelves. Learn to understand those labels and educate yourself, it’s the best gift to yourself and your family to begin living a healthier and happier life.

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