Digestive Pain: Healing Digestion Easily

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Digestive pain can easily be affected by consuming the wrong types of foods  and consuming too much food at one time.

I know this first hand as I struggled with this problem for a many years.  Late nights, no sleep, lots of abdominal pain, I had it all and I was despairing of ever having a happy feeling stomach ever again.

At first I ran to the doctor when the pain got to be too much and he put me on pills that cost me nearly 100 dollars a month. And I must admit if I remembered to take them faithfully I usually experienced way less discomfort. However after a while they didn’t even seem to work either.

Food Connection

So once again I found myself watching very closely what I was feeding my body. I thought I was doing really well, but there were certain triggers that began this vicious cycle. If for example, I got into any greasy foods at all, I was up all night in agony. If I ate  dinner and then any amount of foods afterwards, I was up all night. This pain was like having a heart attack. I would literally sit on the edge of the bed, rocking back and forth. My poor husband. This was all so hard on him, he worried about my chronic health issues.

I found myself spending hours in front of the computer researching what was going on. I would be almost screaming in pain some nights, plus it was scary as well. I really wasn’t sure if I was having a heart attack.

I started asking some clients of mine questions, and it turned out about 5 or more immediately told me they to had it, some had gone off the meds, some relied heavily on theirs. I began to take note of the ones that had gone off the medication. And soon discovered they had paid incredibly close attention to their diet and began using fiber as well. I began to once again see the connection.

I began to be very aware of what I was eating  once again. I cut every  cheat or treats  at this point. We started juicing with our Champion Juicer, faithfully thanks to my loving husband. And before I knew it I was done with meds and the digestive pain was gone!

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Happy To Report Today

I am happy to report today that my digestive tract is finally healed. And I know you to can heal yours. But you must follow the guidelines I have reported in this article. Such as clean eating, adding extra fiber into your diet, not eating after dinner, eliminating alcohol and minimal caffeine if any. Most importantly, definitely  no greasy foods what so ever, not even an order of fries on the cheat days. Within  a few weeks  your health I know you will find your health and wellbeing will show improvements. You can do it !

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