Natural Healing Remedies & Techniques for Depression

Depression is a very serious condition and must be dealt with with the caring help of knowlegable and qualified people to guide you. Regardless of what some people may say, this illness is very real and the complex factors surrounding it can include chemical imbalances, gut biome issues, overwhelming or chronic long term stress, genetic, and environmental factors.

A psychiatrist once explained to me, that a person suffering from depression becomes depressed when their serotonin levels drop, and without the proper help from either natural therapies, yoga, exercise, prescription drugs, or alternative drugs, this person may never restore their “balance” as a whole.

If Left Uncorrected, It’s Hard To Get Back On Track….

An explanation used was that if a choo- choo- train fell off the track and wasn’t corrected back on the track it would continue to run off balance for a long way, eventually falling right off the track or coming to a stop whichever occurred first. Much is the same for a person suffering from depression, unless their serotonin levels are regulated and restored they will be out of balance for much of their life. Makes sense doesn’t it.

Being Proactive And Using Natural Alternatives Helps

Often physicians will now recommend taking herbal remedies to integrate healing, balance and well being into your recovery. I have found some natural remedies that I think work extremely well and use on a regular basis depending on how I am feeling.

I must add that a little proactivity goes along way. By taking care of myself and being as balanced as possible which includes saying no to others and myself, my journey to wellness has been a lot faster. See for yourself!

Please Seek Help When Needed!

In very serious depression incidents, where suicide is a threat, it is VERY important to seek medical help immediately.

These Figures Are Staggering!

In the 2,000’s around 38% of adult Americans and 12 % of children made an estimated 425 plus million visits to alternative health practitioners, more then to their physicians.

In 1992, The National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland established the Office of Alternative Medicine, which devotes approximately 3 million a year to exploring unconventional healing such as massage, meditation, vitamin and herbal therapy.

“You may need to try a few alternative regimes as well such as yoga, meditation,and acupuncture into your everyday life.”

People Are Increasingly Turning To Natural Remedies


In a 2016 report by the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, Americans spent an estimated 30.2 billion on herbal remedies. Over the counter drugs still were weighing in at a staggering 3.3 trillion over herbal remedies.

So as you can see depression natural healing remedies are increasingly being treated today in a more natural approach with far greater results in the patients overall health and well being.

How many of you have rubbed your temples to alleviate a headache and had results? Or listened to music to calm your mind? If you answered yes to either of these statements, then you have already been practising natural health techniques and just didn’t know it.

Withdrawing From Life

When a person is depressed, their interest and interaction in everyday activities often becomes less and less as they withdraw from activities. They find themselves experiencing emotions of sadness, anger, hopelessness, anxiety etc and have far less productivity in their life.Often depressed people withdraw from people they once shared their lives with from family to friends and partners.

This pattern can take toll on an individual often causing them to miss out on days from work and other social activities. While a family physician may prescribe a familiar antidepressant for their patient, depression natural healing remedies can be done without such side effects as, weight gain, dry mouth and fatigue to name a few.

I will offer some alternative natural remedies for you to try, and also touch base on some articles featuring yoga, meditation, and more to help further heal your mind and body.

Please consult your physician before trying any of these natural remedies.

St. John’s Wort:

Made solely from the plant St. John’s Wort. It can be found in liquid form, oil or capsules. This natural antidepressant is commonly used in many European countries today. Care must be taken when going in the sun for extended periods of time while taking this herbal remedy.


5-HTP is a natural antidepressant made from seeds of Griffonia Simplicifolia plant. 5-HTP is a precursor to neurotransmitter serotonin, and as a result increases serotonin levels. It comes in capsule form.

B 12 Vitamins:

Studies have shown a link between B12 Vitamin deficiency and depression. This vitamin is not sufficient alone to treat depression, but may be a helpful addition in the process of healing. B 12 is found in such foods as meat, liver, chicken, fish, milk, cheese, yogurt and eggs. Taking natural B 12 vitamins daily is gently effective way to boost your B levels!

Omega 3 Fatty Acid:

Although not sufficient by itself to treat depression, new research is showing amazing results when used for depression natural healing treatments. The best way to get Omega 3 is to eat fresh fish such as salmon and sardines. Or take Omega 3 supplements in capsules or oil forms.

There are many ways to approach treating depression. If your depression is not so severe you may explore a variety of  natural healing techniques. Some other healing modalities to think about are reiki or energy healing, acupuncture, crystal healing, homeopathy, reflexology, meditation and sound healing to name a few. There are many different avenues to explore with many physical and emotional benefits for you.  Eating whole, clean organic foods is of course another wonderful way to encourage recovery for your overall being. Choosing natural healing is definitely a step in the right direction for your mind and body!


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