Curative Powers of Healthy Clean Water

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waterThe  presence of water on our planet made it possible for Life to come into existence several billion years ago
The curative powers of healthy clean water have been known since ancient times: archaeologists have identified bathing places where early cave dwellers treated the sick.

In its pure state, this most versatile of substances is extremely beneficial. In its liquid form we can drink it, bathe in it or soak a compress in it and apply it to the skin. In its solid form, as ice, we can use it to bring down a temperature or cool a drink. As steam, we can inhale it to clear our nasal passages or steam our skin to improve skin tone and remove impurities. No wonder water is called the essence of life!

Health Spas

Before modern medicine and the belief that most afflictions can be cured by drugs or surgery, millions of people all over the world visited spas to take the waters. They stayed at health resorts or hydros, built around mineral springs and relied on water to treat such ailments as arthritis, high blood pressure, nervous disorders, depression, allergies, skin problems and diseases of old age. They bathed, encased their bodies in mud packs, inhaled steam, took saunas and drank the water — and many left the spas invigorated and even cured.
In Europe, water cures are still popular and doctors often recommend them. Outside Europe, although many orthodox medical experts do not acknowledge the benefits of hydrotherapy, a few spas still exist. If you are anxious or run down, I can highly recommend a week or two at a spa may be just what you need for relaxation and to kickstart your body to healing itself.

Sitz Baths

Yunga Tart Seatz BathSitz baths were popular at spas for the relief of such ailments as cystitis, constipation and piles or hemorrhoids to easing menstrual pain and fatigue!

Cold sitz baths increase blood circulation to the vital organs and were used for their stimulating effect on the reproductive organs and the spine. Hot sitz baths were used to relieve pain and inflammation. Alternate hot and cold baths were used to increase vitality.

As embarrassing as it is to admit I suffer from hemorrhoids, I wanted to share with you just how effective a Sitz Bath is. Since giving birth to my lovely boys, hemorrhoids  have been an ongoing problem for me. I am not going into personal detail but suffice to say they are uncomfortable, painful and extremely annoying things and I wish I could wave a magic wand!

I recently discovered these things called Sitz Baths. Yes, they are  an old fashioned remedy and Sitz Bath with baking soda, sitz bath instructions,hemorrhoids curemy goodness, they work very well!  I use hot and cold Sitz Baths to relieve my hemorrhoids along with my favorite Sitz Bath ingredients, Epsom Salts and a special Sitz Bath Concentrate I add to ease my discomfort.

There are many different ingredients you can add to a Sitz Bath, Mother Love Sitz Bath Concentrate  is my favorite right now. It has a lovely combination of organic healing herbs which  soothe not only the swelling, pain and bleeding of hemorrhoids but is also beneficial for relieving the pain of sore perineal muscles after  childbirth.

Huge relief, yes! Relaxing and calming as well, yes! I put on soothing music, grab my book of the moment, shut the door and enjoy my bath.

To give yourself a Sitz Bath, run water into your bath  to a depth of about 20 cm and sit with your knees drawn up so that only your `sitz’ — your behind, hips and tummy — and your feet are immersed.

You can use two baths, one to sit in and one to put your feet in and get the benefit of both. For an alternate hot and cold sitz, sit in the hot tub for three minutes with your feet in the cold one, and then sit in the cold bath for one minute with your feet in the hot one. Repeat several times. For where to buy  Sitz bath, click here

Hot Water Baths

A warm bath relaxes the muscles and eases pain. A hot bath serves the same purpose and also promotes sweating, which removes impurities from the body. Many ingredients were added to a bath to hasten healing.

Epsom salts, for example, drive off chills and colds, while 1 kg of oats or bran tied in a muslin bag and placed in the bath relieves the symptoms of eczema and other skin complaints. Seaweed aids relaxation, as do herbs such as chamomile, thyme and lavender.

Caution: Blood pressure may fall after a hot bath, so leave the tub slowly and, after drying, lie down for half an hour.

Steam Baths

Steam baths, or saunas, have been used for thousands of years to prevent and treat sickness. Even today, many claim that steam baths will cleanse and rejuvenate the body both inside and out, because the steam promotes sweating, which helps to rid the body of toxins. It is also claimed that overheating the body speeds up the metabolic process and inhibits the growth of viruses and bacteria. Steam also clears the sinuses.

I must admit I love a good sauna. The “bite” of heat as it gets into my muscles, the lovely cleansing clearing effect and I love how my skin feels and looks after a good sauna. I can feel it has been thoroughly cleanse of impurities and left clean,soft and glowing. Saunas are a great way to lose weight as you sweat away accumulated rubbish!
Caution: If you are pregnant or have a heart condition or high blood pressure, check with your doctor before taking a steam bath treatment.

Cold Showers

A cold shower morning and night increases muscle tone, speeds up metabolism, stimulates circulation, strengthens the nervous system, stimulates the glands, increases hormone production, improves digestion, builds up resistance to colds and infections, helps to prevent premature ageing and keeps you younger.
Cold showers were a popular health measure in the 19th century. Given the benefits claimed for this simple treatment, perhaps we should grit our teeth and try it! Not my personal favorite and yet, I will happily admit, I do feel revitalized and invigorate afterwards,

Sea Bathing

dead sea salt, sea salt magnesium cureSea bathing became popular around the middle of the 19th century and seaside resorts began to rival the older health spas near mineral springs. Sea water is so rich in minerals  which are inhaled from the air and also absorbed though the skin when bathing.
Do-it-yourself sea water; You do not have to live near the sea to benefit from the properties of sea water. Make reconstituted sea water by dissolving  Dead Sea Salt  in  your tub of hot water. Soak in your tub for 30 minutes at a minimum. Or if you want a quick homemade sea salt fix, substitute by adding to the water 2 kg of common salt, 250 grams of magnesium chloride and 250 grams of Epsom salts.

These Mineral Dead Sea Salts  are 100% Pure Dead Sea Salt from Israel  and are the highest quality Dead Sea Salts I have found on the market. They include a very high mineral content with 21 minerals: some of which are: Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium and Bromide.

Have you ever spent a day floating and playing in the sea and felt amazing wellbeing afterwards?

This is because your body has absorbed these rejuvenating and essential minerals needed for your body to smoothly function at its peak ability. My  ritual treat after a busy week with work and my family is to have a long soaking bath bath with Dead Sea Salts. My skin feels so soft and smooth and I sleep like a baby afterwards as my muscles are relaxed. Dead Sea Salts are also a useful addition to helping soothe and get relief from skin conditions such as  psoriasis, eczema, acne.

Drinking Healthy Clear Water

pur 18 cup water filterHumans can survive for weeks without food, but no one can live for more than a few days without water. Water is essential for the regulation of our body temperature, for digestion, for the elimination of waste products and as a lubricant for muscles,  joints and eyes.

Water flushes out bladder and kidney infections, helps to prevent the formation of kidney stones and improves the complexion.

People who drink too little water may suffer from headaches, poor concentration and bad breath. Vomiting, diarrhea or excess sweating can cause dehydration unless extra fluids are taken. How much water to drink? Water is present in solid food as well as in drinks, but many health experts, both past and present, recommend drinking eight plus large glasses of plain clean water a day to gain the curative powers of healthy clean water.

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