A Diet Of Clean Foods

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Before I discovered clean foods I was riddled with constant illness. I spent at least once a week in the doctors office or hospital, suffering from swelling and chronic hives. I was loaded down with toxins from my job and from the foods I was consuming. To be quite frank my future looked dim! more about my personal journey We decided to revamp our cupboards, our refrigerator, and our lives. This transformation has been amazing. I have never felt as good as I feel today in years.

I can only attribute this change to my desire to eat clean foods, free from chemicals and toxins. Today with all the bad things found in our foods, such as over loads of chemicals, it’s a no wonder people are sick. I know this first hand as I was one of those people.

Eat Clean, Healthy And Natural Foods…. No GMO’s

Clean foods basically mean food that have been selected in their natural state. Unprocessed and organic and whole. Organic foods is always the best choice when making your purchases. A good example of clean foods would be a tomato, as compared to ketchup made from tomatoes. The tomato being the whole food choice and the ketchup obviously not. As it is mixed with sugars, additives and other various foreign things.

Every food choice that is made in our home now is based on eating clean. Gone are the days of boxed, canned and packaged foods, and now you will on any given day find a fridge full of colourful veggies and fruit. And jars and jars of nuts and legumes. I can tell you this way of life certainly cuts down on garbage and quickly fills up our compost buckets.

Healthy Ideas For Clean Eating Are :

A wide variety of organic fresh fruits and vegetables

Complex carbohydrates including legumes as well as whole grains such as brown rice and oats

Quoinea which is an excellent source of protein, and gluten free or sprouted breads

  • Sources of healthy fats include coconut oil, olive oil, avocado and raw nuts
  • If choosing a meat based diet ( I do not choose to eat this way) choose lean protein such as fish, chicken, wild game, and turkey. Be sure that these choices are free from antibiotics and chemicals

Foods To Avoid

  • All processed foods
  • Refined grains
  • Sugars
  • Foods containing saturated fats and trans fat
  • Alcohol

I start my day as clean as possible. Either with a smoothie ( on most mornings as it’s quicker, or fresh carrot, celery,cucumber and beet juice)

Learn more about juicing here

I focus on minerals and supplements such as chlorella powder, spirilina powder, maca root powder and magnesium powder. I have found this regime to boost my overall energy and keep my immune system running at optimum levels and I have so much more energy.

When you want to shed those extra pounds as I have,  living with whole, fresh, clean foods in your diet allows you to achieve natural this weight loss with ease.

Essentially a plant based diet is your base  and by adding beans and grains in moderation. I assure you, you will begin to have more energy, mental clarity, feel lighter and have a bounce to your step each day!

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