How I Beat Chronic Hives: My Road Back To Health

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“My road to health”

I am here to share my battle with chronic hives, and tell you how I was able to beat them, and so can you. It’s really not that complicated, making lifestyle changes can make this possible for you too! It is possible to feel “normal” again and regain your energy and health once and for all.

I Became A “Google Master” Of Research

I too like you, would spend sleepiness hours, and found myself in front of my computer looking for answers to what my body was going through. I became a “Google Master” and prior to this rarely used the computer for anything other then emails and occasional recipe searching. But it became my “bible”. I was determined to find some answers to the horrible changes my body was going through.

There Seemed To Be A Connection To Food…Hmmm…

I stumbled upon a few sites that interested me, approaches that made a little more sense then the common solutions to allergies. I had spent an awful long time being medicated and had no desire to keep going this route. I did however finally find that food seemed to be a connection for sure for me. So I started investigating what I was feeding my body. If you would like to learn more about allergies and what can cause them, visit here.

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I began a food journal and found some foods that certainly triggered my episodes more then others. But still it wasn’t enough.  It was very frustrating. But in order to function with my chronic hives I had to resort to drugs.

This Was Not The Direction I Wanted To Go

A client of mine introduced me to a live blood specialist. And she began a process of detoxing my body. She helped me out a lot. My body began to have the renewed energy that  was so lacking all this time.

I Needed Answers…

Time passed and I felt I needed more answers as my symptoms were still coming and going. So a friend put me in touch with a naturopathic doctor and she also began a detoxing program, and sent my hair away for a hair analyst. And  the process began again!

My Diet Had To Change!

It was soon discovered that my acid reflux problem I had suffered from severely for quite some time, was also connected to my diet and the damage all these chemicals and toxins had done to my body.

Gluten Had To Go

This time a complete change is diet was underway. She suggested I eliminate gluten from my diet as my symptoms for chronic hives and swelling were leading towards this allergy as well. With that came the absence of meat products, dairy products and all additives and preservatives.

When You Start Reading Labels….

And trust me, when you start reading labels, gluten is in everything. So a complete over haul of our refrigerator and cupboards began, and soon we were eating clean. We did notice HUGE changes in my health almost immediately, it was amazing. Also my chronic acid reflux symptoms had disappeared and I was no longer on medication for this problem. Honestly I couldn’t leave the house without it.

The Fully Raw Diet

I did however finally find a book called The Fully Raw Diet – 21 Days to Better Health, with Meal and Exercise Plans, Tips, and 75 Recipes by Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram which my friend Cassie had recommended. What a relief and I have to say, revelation, this book became to me! She is an inspiring woman who has completely transformed her life with a clean, plant-based, healthy approach to eating.

Something as simple as eating more raw foods, juicing tons of carrots and other vegetables on a daily basis.

Avoiding anything processed that may have additives and chemicals in it, and meat products loaded with antibiotics and toxins.

There Was A Food Connection

It may sound difficult, but as soon as you get the swing of it, whipping up a salad dressing can be quite easy, cause as you will see when you read a commercial salad dressing, the product is loaded with chemicals, chemicals, and more chemicals. By taking some olive oil, fresh lemons and a bit of garlic you are able to quickly blend together your own organic dressing. Be creative and add fresh herbs, vinegars, and other veggies and there you have it, more interesting dressing to drizzle on your fresh greens.

Your Body Has An Innate Healing Ability When You Help It

When you begin to eat this way your body begins to respond fairly quickly. You have tons more energy and sleep much better. Your spirits lift, your emotions become more ordered and less of a roller coaster ride and your health will improve in the following weeks to come.

There Are Other Lifestyle Changes To Make…

There are other changes you would preferably make in order to live chemical free and hives free. These include the cleaning products you use in your home, the linens you sleep in, your personal care products you use, and even the toothpaste you brush your teeth with.

All this may seem overwhelming at first, and if you are like me, I had a lot of resistance to removing or changing some of these products from my life. I had used them for years, they are what I had grown up with…

2 Creams Which May Help Ease The Major Discomfort…

These 2 suggestions are not a fix, they do help to relieve the discomfort and pain which I found on Amazon some time ago.

As you know, the itching can be unbearable and the overwhelming urge to scratch, rip and gouge at your inflamed skin can be almost too much to bear!
You may find the Mother Of All Creams by Puriya helps to stop, or at least calm down the itchy and irritated areas.

Yes, it’s a weird name, but it works well and the moisturizer component is excellent.

Another cream I like to use, and I actually still use this cream on a regular basis is Medicine Mama’s Bee Magic. This is a good, all round cream which relieves reddened and itchy, while keeping the itchy areas moisturized.

Medicine Mama’s Bee Magic is 100%  organic and it contains the unique healing compound Melexylem. This compound was created by Donna Steinmann out of personal desperation as she wanted a organic healing cream but couldn’t find one.

After loads of research, she created this exclusively so it’s full of a  potent mix of prebiotic, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects which works to soothe, heal and hydrate all types of skin.


You Are Worth These Changes!

But trust me, these changes are why I am here typing this story to share with you today. I totally, through trial and error, and advice from some pretty knowledgeable people, have been able to heal my body of chronic hives and swelling.

I’ve Finally Been Able To Stop Taking Medication

And I no longer take any medications, or have any symptoms to speak of. If I can do it so can you. Remove all the toxins around you that perhaps are making you ill, and start today to feel more energized with improved an emotionally improved outlook and vibrant!

Lots Of Raw Food Recipes And Chemical Free Living Information

You may want to check out some of my other articles on raw eating, juicing, and healthy recipes to help you battle your chronic hives, or other health related issues you may have. Changing what you eat and how you live really does make all the difference in your body’s health. You will witness your body healing and in no time will be back to your old self!

You may want to read more information about detoxing your body. As I believe this had a lot to do with my healing process, I have written a quite a few articles on this subject I know you will benefit from reading.

Very important to detox your body this can be done simply by adding in Juicing on a daily basis.

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