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10 Ways To Live A Slower Life And Reconnect

Tired of rushing, feeling stressed and as if life is rapidly passing you by? Feeling FOMO? Learning to consciously slow down may be overwhelming so we’ve thought up these 10 Ways To Live A Slower Life to get you back in touch with your authentic self easily Read More »

How Taking The Slow Road Can Help You Reconnect…

Why choose to take the slow road? There are actually many reasons why the slow road is a good one to take in an over stimulated world. Perhaps the main one for me is getting back in touch with who I am. In today’s increasingly busy world of rushing, often we may feel out of touch with our inner selves, our authentic real self. Here are a selection of thoughtful tips to help rebirth that lost authentic self and regain your personal power and inner life direction. You can do it!:):):) Read More »

Meditation: How We Can Deal With Stress On A Daily Basis

Yikes! I can’t still my mind, can’t sit still for 1 hour! Did you know that even just 10 minutes a day can massively reduce anxiety, stress and physical pain? The Venerable Toby Gillies is a fully ordained Buddhist monk who shares his considerable insights on the benefits of simple meditation. Wouldn’t you rather increase those experiences of happiness, joy and peace and have them be a “normal” part of your day? I think the answer is yes for all of us. Read More »

How Eat Bugs And Hellish Rellish Turned Our Lives Around

What happens when the newspaper you have published for years goes bust? Read this life affirming story from Brenda and George, 2 amazing people who took the leap of faith, turning their lives around successfully. From award winning relishes, to published author on Amazon, the lemons have turned to lemonade:) Read More »

Let’s Own Our “Awesomeness” As Women!

Its  a lazy Saturday morning and I picked up the Saturday papers to browse through. I really enjoy reading Wendy Tuohy’s column, always thought provoking and an interesting take on Life’s matters whether large or small… Todays article was on Read More »

A Morning Ritual

The early morning is such a valuable time for serenity and solitude. It’s a perfect time to spend some time alone and enjoy the present moment. Make some time for yourself to cultivate inner peace and to set your intention Read More »

Being Happy In This Moment

Being Happy = Consciously BEING THANKFUL for this Present Moment… Your Being is always Here in the Present Moment. Are you Conscious of your Being Here Now in the Present Moment? Or are you lost in Clouds of Thoughts about Read More »

7 Easy Tips To Boost Confidence

“How To” Tips To Boost Confidence And Realize Your Potential The topic of confidence was brought to my attention a few days ago by a friend who was not feeling confident of the situation she needed to tackle in her Read More »

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