Living Chemical free

Why Should You Choose Chemical Free Natural Candles?

Natural candles are made from pure, natural ingredients which are relatively unprocessed: These non toxic ingredients are beeswax, soy, palm oil and scented using combinations of 100% pure essential oils. Regular candles made from petroleum byproducts of paraffin emit toxic benzene & toluene with up to 11 carcinogens, the equivalent to having a miniature 18 wheeler in your home.These are our top picks of natural candles for your healthy home Read More »

How to Identify Symptoms and Triggers of Chemical Sensitivities

Chemical sensitivity is a growing issue and often the medical profession is hard pressed to diagnose why you feel poorly, ill and run down. Sensitivities to chemicals have major repercussions for those who are affected by them. Depending on the severity of the sensitivity, sufferers may find themselves totally unable to live and work in traditional environments — even environments that never bothered them before Read More »

9 Ways To Help Your Body Relax, Heal And Restore Well Being Today

Taking care of your body isn’t the only factor in achieving health on many levels. Finding inner peace is also key. After sweeping your kitchen clean of inflammatory foods which trigger hives, cause allergies, inflammation and gut issues, you can use the following tools to help you succeed in your self care plan while helping your body come back to balance. Read More »

4 Vital Tips How to Make Sure Your Produce is Toxin-Free

How do you know if the produce you are buying is chemical free and organic? Emily shares her 4 vital tips to help you choose the healthiest fruits, vegetables and meat for your family. And, if you can’t afford to buy organic food, she has some advice on how to reduce the impact of toxic sprays used! Read More »

What Is Alcohol Addiction And Steps To Take To Heal Yourself

Did you know alcohol is based on the chemical compound Ethanol? The very same ethanol used in fuel for your car? Alcohol is an accepted drug in society and when used in excess consumption has serious repercussions. Alcoholism could be described as an allergy of the body. For some people, alcohol is merely a quick fix to change ordinary everyday reality from unbearable to bearable. Here’s what to expect when you decide to stop drinking on the road to wellness and balance in your life. Read More »

A Morning Ritual

The early morning is such a valuable time for serenity and solitude. It’s a perfect time to spend some time alone and enjoy the present moment. Make some time for yourself to cultivate inner peace and to set your intention Read More »

Brita Water Filters Nourish Your Life And Your Family

“Pure Clean Water is Essential!” Brita Water water filters are gaining popularity around America and Canada as awareness of the importance of essential clean fresh healthy drinking water grows. As the damage from fracking, industrial pollution, chemical overuse and more Read More »

The Amazing Benefits Of Wild Stinging Nettles

Wild stinging nettles is one of nature’s raw foods. This amazing little weed, that often annoys people holds many health benefits unknown to mankind! The wild stinging nettle plant is a native to Europe, and the United States. This perennial Read More »

Organic Linens

If you’ve ever gotten into a bed made with organic linens you will immediately notice the difference. Their silky smooth feel is unmatchable. And surprisingly enough it is never an issue to wash your linens over and over, as their Read More »

House Plants and Your Health

Did you know that virtually all house plants are powerful air cleaners? Through entrance of the leaves on the plants, carbon dioxide gets in and through complex chemical reactions, the process called photosynthesis takes place. Then oxygen is released into Read More »

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