Sweet Treats

Homemade Ice Cream

This homemade ice cream is so good you won’t believe what ingredients are used to prepare this dish. It is dairy free, sugar free, and fat free. And the best part is it is made in about 5 minutes from Read More »

Vegan Carrot Cake : a Healthy Sweet Treat

A vegan Carrot Cake which is Delicious 🙂 Indulging in healthy sweets is a treat for all. But when you make these choices “healthy’ ones you don’t feel so guilty in the process. Learning to satisfy our sweet tooth and Read More »

Gluten free,dairy, sugar & egg free pancakes

Healthy pancakes are an excellent choice for anyone looking to improve their overall health. If you are diabetic, on a weight loss path, or just looking to feel better and be more energized. These little yummy treats are loaded with Read More »

Coconut And Banana Energy Bars

This is a delicious and nourishing energy bar snack which is perfect for any occasion and especially for children’s lunch boxes for a healthy and filling treat at school. The slice takes all of 15 minutes to whip up and Read More »

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