Raw Recipes

Healthy Smoothie Anyone? Strawberry & Banana

Remember the days of heavy breakfasts of bacon and eggs, toast and jam? Traditionally eaten for years, you could almost have a sleep afterwards from the overload of heavy greasy food! Would you agree? Luckily eating habits have changed considerably Read More »

Easy Peasy 20 Minute Raw Zucchini Spaghetti With Fresh Tomato Sauce

As a lover of raw foods, one of my favorite kitchen gadgets is my Paderno Spiralizer. This recipe for raw zucchini spaghetti with tomatoes blended into a delicious moreish sauce fresh from the garden is a family favorite with everyone. All you need is around 20 minutes of prep time and you have a meal to re-vitalise your whole body. Bon Appetite! Read More »

Raw Chocolate Vegan Fudge Recipe Makes A Perfect Mouthwatering Snack

Raw cakes, slices and food is so easy to make and this raw vegan fudge recipe takes all of 5 minutes to whip up. Healthy nut butter, coconut oil, cocoa or carob powder form the basis of this delicious creamy and decadent fudge. Plus, you can modify the recipe easily, creating your own twist on the original. These makes great gifts as well. Read More »

Sugar Free Protein Balls

I found this super simple recipe on our calendar. The protein balls work a treat and once you have made them, you can get creative and add other ingredients in…such as cacao nibs, goji berries or dried strawberries for some Read More »

Healthy Salsa

Tempt your taste buds with this healthy, organic salsa recipe, using organic ingredients found right in your backyard garden. Assuring you and your family that you are getting the healthiest choice when it comes to homemade salsa. Salsa Recipe 3 Read More »

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