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10 Reasons To Love Your Instant Pot + 3 Easy Recipes

It’s a cold winters day, the kids are hungry and you’ve had a long day at work and looking forward to being home. This morning you made your recipe for Mongolian beef in the slow cooker. As you walk up the path and open the door, the most delicious scent wafts out. Instantly your stomach starts rumbling and its dinner time! There are many benefits of using an Instant Pot cooker for making healthy organic meals! Read More »

Frugal Living: 8 Simple Ideas To Help You Save Money Every Day

Frugal living has become a mainstream term these days and it’s fun! If you aren’t sure whats involved, or thought you would have to do without – think again! These 8 ideas are actions you can do every day and can make a big impact on your pocket book. Reap the rewards of extra money in your pocket, increased enjoyment and choice in your life! Read More »

10 Ways To Reduce Food Waste

Have you ever stopped to think about food waste ? Have you ever stopped to think about how much food you might waste in a week and how to prevent food waste? It’s an interesting exercise, because, while we may Read More »

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