8 Best Ways to Purify The Air In Your Home Today

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When we think of air pollution, we usually associate this phrase with the air outdoors. It might surprise you, then, to hear that the air inside your house might contain up to five times more toxins than the air outside. Since it’s estimated that we spend up to 90 percent of our days indoors, this is a pretty big deal.

But just because the air quality in your house might be poor doesn’t mean it has to say that way. Here are some of the best ways to purify the air in your home, simple little tweaks you can do to cleanse the air inside your home and protect yourself from illness.

1) Add Ventilation

The more ventilation your home has, the less moisture will build up in the air and create quality problems. However, the solution isn’t as simple as opening up a window and letting all the air pollution from the outside enter your home.

Instead, solve this problem by installing trickle vents in your house. These will help cycle the air you breathe, purifying it as it passes through the vents.

As you plan where to add vents in your house, pay extra attention to the bathroom and kitchen, as these rooms will need the most ventilation. One of the best ways to purify the air in your home is by using an air purifier with a HEPA filter which cleanses the air of allergens, dust, pollen, mold spores, pet dander and more…

2) Buy a Salt Lamp

Not only are these lamps very pretty to look at and great conversation starters, but they can also help improve your home’s air quality.

The salt crystals in the lamp work to reduce airborne pathogens and other irritants, essentially pulling these harmful toxins in and purifying them.

The salt crystals continue to do this even when the lamp is turned off, but the effect is much more pronounced when it’s turned on.

3) Burn Beeswax Candles

Candles might seem like a great way to purify your home’s air, but you have to be careful.

Ordinary paraffin candles can cause more harm than good and often spew soot and other chemicals into the air. Instead, try burning beeswax candles.

Beeswax candles burn with a lovely clean fresh scent, plus they have the added benefit of not emitting toxic plumes of carcinogenic smoke once they are blown out!

Not only do they avoid adding harmful chemicals to the air, but they also help by removing dust and other allergens from the air.


4) Use Activated Charcoal

This is one of the best ways to purify the air in your home and activated charcoal is an excellent choice for a natural air purifier. It’s completely odorless, absorptive and does a phenomenal job of pulling toxins from the air and neutralizing them. If activated charcoal isn’t an option, bamboo charcoal is a good substitute.

5) Use An Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oils smell fantastic and can work wonders when it comes to restoring the air quality in your home.

They kill harmful viruses, fungi, bacteria and even mold. The best part of all of this is that you can choose whatever scent you like best and let it get to work purifying your air.

Choose from fragrances like tea tree, lemon, cloves, rosemary, cinnamon and many more, add water to your diffuser and turn it on.

6) Quit Smoking

The best way to purify the air in your home is to quit smoking! It shouldn’t come as a surprise to hear that cigarette smoke is a cause of deadly air pollution, even for those that aren’t smoking. Simply breathing in the toxins can cause irreparable lung damage. If quitting isn’t an option, take the precaution of not smoking inside.

7) Properly Ventilate Your Wood Stove

If you have a wood burning stove in your house, it’s very important to install a proper ventilation system. Smoke from your stove should travel up a chimney where it can safely disperse outside.

Otherwise, harmful chemicals like carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides can cause major problems in your home’s air.

8) Decorate With Houseplants

Houseplants aren’t just there to look pretty and brighten your day. They’re a great natural air purifier as they absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen into the air.

However, not every plant cleans the air equally. Certain species of plants are much better at it than others. A few good options include Spider Plants, English Ivy, Peace Lilies, Boston Ferns, Lady Palms and Snake Plants.

The Snake Plant, also known as Mother-in-Law’s Tongue, is a particularly good choice because of its low-maintenance nature. It doesn’t need much water or light and can tolerate a fair amount of neglect. This makes it a viable option even for those who claim to kill every plant they’ve ever owned. This plant is hard to kill and will work tirelessly to clean your air.

Become an Air Purifying Pro By Finding The Best Ways to Purify The Air In Your Home Today…

These are just a few of the ways you can keep your home’s air a little purer and healthier. Did we miss one of your go-to tricks? Be sure to let us know about it.



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