What Is Alcohol Addiction And Steps To Take To Heal Yourself

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what is alcohol addiction Alcohol addiction  we often hear is an incurable disease and often relapses do occur. People often believe that a cure is not possible. This in fact is NOT true. People who are recovering from alcohol addiction must learn to find a healthy  balance in life,  health, work  and a renewed zest for life and gaining confidence again within themselves. Alcoholics will take a journey when healing, into a whole new fulfilling life full of new dreams and goals.

Many lies, deceptions, disappointments and heartbreak surround the life of an alcoholic. Drinking for them is simply a way of coping with underlying emotional conditions that have not been addressed properly and still need some healing.

Alcoholism Was  First Described As a Disease In 1874

In 1874 Benjamin Rush first described alcoholism as a disease. By 1935 Bill Wilson and Robert Smith M.D, two pioneers in the field of alcoholism, set about to create a fellowship where alcoholics could support each other on the road to recovery.

Apparently they created this group to keep their own fledgling sobriety going and  in return they could help others do the same. This fellowship is now known as “Alcoholics Anonymous” ( AA) an organization that has literally saved thousands upon thousands of lives, allowing people live a better life, free of alcohol.

Alcoholism Described As An Allergy…

These two fellows described alcoholism as an allergy of the body. For some people, alcohol is merely a quick fix to change ordinary everyday reality from unbearable  to bearable. All it takes is a trip to your local liquor store and viola!

After a few drinks, your stressful feelings diminish and you are in fact feeling like you can get through the day or evening more easily. This is how alcohol works. Alcohol addiction is a dependency upon alcohol. All dependency is a “symptom”. Seeing your dependency in that new light will enable you to heal more quickly.

Ethanol And Alcohol Addiction

alcohol addiction and ethanolAddiction is defined as the compulsive, physiological need for and use of a habit forming substance.

Revealing information about alcohol addiction has been discovered. Alcohol is actually the drug ethanol. They are one in the same. Also called ethyl or alcohol , or grain alcohol. It is a chemical compound.

Ethanol is often added to gasoline that we use to run our vehicles on. The next time you go to the gas station, read the label on the pump and you’ll probably see the words “contains ethanol”. Some cars run on pure ethanol, it is also used as a solvent. It is ethanol that everyone is after when they drink alcohol. This is what gives people the euphoric feeling.

In order to enhance the ethanol, manufacturers put coloring in to make it look different, additives to make the taste pleasant, scent to make them smell attractively, and packaging to make them more attractive. Ethanol literally burns and scars your liver leading to a serious disease called cirrhosis ( an irreversible hardening of the liver). If you could feel the pain of your liver being burned, you would never take a second drink.

Eventually after long time of continued use, alcoholics develop a tolerance to alcohol. That doesn’t mean they can no longer get intoxicated, but that it takes considerably more alcohol to get the desired effect.

Withdrawal Symptoms Can be Severe

When a person tries to quit alcohol, withdrawal symptoms occur, such as, nausea, watery eyes, dizziness, fainting, sweating, insomnia, hallucinations, irritability, diarrhea, tremors, panic attacks, chills, paranoia, anger, convulsions, heart palpitations, lack of energy, delirium, depression, to name a few.

Get Supportive Help Before You Begin Withdrawing

When an alcoholic is beginning the stages in which they want to become sober, they must first enlist the help and support of a good medical doctor who incorporates natural, holistic approaches to wellness. Or just search out a naturopath who has come highly recommended.

Often Alcoholics Are Vitamin And Mineral Deficient….

The first step that will be taken will be through detoxification and dealing with the uncomfortable  withdrawal symptoms from alcohol. Get your doctor to check your  organs are functioning properly.

Commonly alcoholics  are deficient  in vitamins and minerals as they are leached from their systems. This  needs to be addressed immediately. By cleansing the liver, gallbladder, colon, digestive system and blood your sense of well being and vitality will increase within a few weeks.

The body has an innate ability to self heal if given the opportunity.

Dealing With Your Emotions- Past And Present

The next thing to consider when deciding to become sober, are  your emotional issues, which in fact are one of the major  reasons for your addiction to alcohol. If you are suffering from a chemical imbalance you whole mind and body are out of whack.

What occurs when people have a chemical imbalance are the hormonal chemical secretions of your body produces,  chemicals that go to your brain and create feelings such as stress, emotional pain, depression, anger, joy, ecstasy, euphoria and well being.

Many people walk around in an unbalanced chemical state feeling terrible for much  of the time.

When you suffer from a chemical imbalance caused by malfunction in one of your glands, for example you may turn to an addictive substance to try and feel better. So you can see why how important addressing your emotional issues are. A very important step to rid yourself of this alcohol addiction for good.

So be kind to yourself and seek the proper route needed to be free from this addiction today!

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