Why I Built This Website, from Illness to Health

Here is my success story.

It began with a passion, and it has turned into a business, a dream! If I can do this, you can to.

My journey began a few years back when I discovered my job was making me sick. After 16 years of working from my home based textile design studio, everything was about to change.

I was ill all the time with severe swelling and chronic hives, and I was NOT getting better. Upon much investigation on my part it was found out that I was severely allergic to the chemicals I was working with on a daily basis in my salon ( you can read my full story on my “about me”page)

And this brings me to today. My success story. For the past year I have thrown myself into learning as much as I could about my chronic hives and swelling, that was associated with my illness. And have made HUGE lifestyle changes towards a chemical free life.

Then one day last fall a friend suggested I create a website and share my story. A place where even me, the average person with a few computer skills, could create a home based website business. And create it I did! With the help of a wonderful techie, books, online forums and computer savvy friends, I created my baby with baby steps and it grew from there as my confidence grew. It was surprisingly easy and it’s fun. Now, 3 years later I have discovered a whole new world out there…..I very much enjoy interacting with people from all over the world:) If you have a passion for something I highly suggest you look into this venture.

Working from the comfort of your own home at your own pace and sharing your information with others. Connecting with people all over the world and hopefully helping others who quite possibly share the same health issues, or passions as you. They will read your story and witness for themselves how a lifestyle change can renew and restore their health, or a passion can fulfill their dreams.

Best of health to you all:)



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