7 Easy Tips To Boost Confidence

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“How To” Tips To Boost Confidence And Realize Your Potential

confidence tips, tips to boost confidence, boost confidenceThe topic of confidence was brought to my attention a few days ago by a friend who was not feeling confident of the situation she needed to tackle in her work environment. And, it got me to thinking how important confidence is, what is confidence and how can we boost confidence, when perhaps it is a quality we may feel we are lacking in. If you are lacking in confidence, it can impact many areas of your life in a less than positive way.

Whether it’s a first date, a job interview or saying no, confidence is  an essential life skill that can make or break how successful you are at work or in your personal relationships. It’s confidence that empowers you to maximize your personal potential and present others with a positive belief in yourself.

But confidence doesn’t come naturally to all of us. Most of us are far more familiar with sweaty armpits, nervous giggles and pesky eyebrow twitches when our confidence is being tested. So I decided to share these tips to boost confidence And by and large, they are quite simple and can be integrated into everyday life to boost confidence levels in your life to help bring about positive change…

1). Boost Confidence By Faking It Till You Make It….

It’s a common Hollywood catchphrase, but this confidence tips like these have scientific merit. Researchers at Harvard Business School found that just two minutes of power posing, such as sitting with your feet up on your desk, leaning back in your chair and interlocking your hands at the back of your head, can unleash your inner alpha by boosting testosterone and reducing the stress hormone cortisol. In short, pretend and act out how you would like to be, even borrow someone who you admire and emulate what you admire about them and incorporate into your life.

2).  Write 5 Positive Affirmations About Yourself

tips for being more confident, Tips to Gain Confidence
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Write 5 affirmations based on 5 traits you like about yourself. Find powerful words to enrich up your statement. For example, instead of saying, ‘I have good skin’, you could say, ‘I have a glowing, flawless complexion’. Or instead of, `I am worthy’, try ‘I am cherished and loved’.

Speak your affirmation out loud for a couple of minutes, three times a day to boost confidence. Affirmations can be a powerful tool to help you change your state of mind, overcome a confidence crisis and get you one step closer to your goals.

Louise Hay, the founder of positive affirmations and confidence tips is a living testament to the power of positive thinking, has a myriad of affirmations to improve your confidence as well as health conditions. I bought the beautiful illustrated gift edition, You Can Heal Your Life,  some years ago and it is much loved now.

It’s easy to be positive about yourself when everything is going well, but nothing can stop you in your tracks like the gut-wrenching pain of personal rejection. When you’re in the middle of an intense personal crisis, it can seem as if you’ll never survive. But you can, if you react with dignity and intelligence.
When you deal with painful situations with poise, you see yourself as a can-do, in-control person. An additional bonus is that you know you have the skills to deal with future personal problems.

3). Learn Something New……

Not only does gaining a new qualification increase your income, but learning can also boost your confidence. The National Adult Learning Survey, conducted in the UK, found that 95 per cent of people believe learning new workplace skills, a language, or even learning to play the piano can change the way you feel about yourself.

You might realize you have more potential than you previously thought. Your belief in yourself grows, improving your self-esteem and your new found confidence can open up new door ways as you realize you are both worthy and able! This is so good for women especially, as we have a tendency to put others first and often do not listen to our inner needs.

4).  Confidence Tips: Express Yourself More…

This is one of the most powerful confidence tips done with practice. When your communication style is clear and precise,  you’re saying to yourself and to others, ‘My opinions, feelings and needs are as valid and significant as anybody else’s.’
If you’re being regularly misunderstood, you may need to think how you express yourself. Ask yourself, can I communicate my opinions, thoughts and feelings in a more precise way?’

You may just need practice expressing yourself. Take every opportunity to speak. Don’t wait to be asked and don’t think you have nothing to say. If you’re an intellectually developed adult, you will have opinions with just as much right as anyone else to express them.

One of the toughest things is saying no. It’s word that can tie us up in knots of anxiety for fear of being selfish, unkind and unhelpful and what if other people think less of us….I struggled with this for years, and no, I have not perfected it, saying no takes practice and a lot of courage but the rewards are huge. I feel a whole lot better in myself and I am respecting my inner wishes of who I am as a woman and what the importance of my needs are. A work in progress…

5). Boost Confidence By Being A  Front Row Person…

how to boost confidence, Self Confidence Tips for Women, confidence tips for women
Take A Risk, Try Something New To Boost Your Confidence

Whether it’s yoga, gym, a seminar or the office room, most people head to the back of the because they’re afraid of being noticed.

Those who like the front rows, are not afraid to stand out from the crowd and are willing to change their lives for the better. They believe in their  abilities and like being up front where they are most engaged and stimulated.

The next time you go to a meeting make a decision to confront any irrational fears about not being good enough and hit the front row. When you’re up front you’re energized by what’s going on. There’s no room for apprehension or self-consciousness.

6) Walk Tall And Proud…

confidence tips for go gettersIt’s easy to see how a languid gait is often associated with a negative self-view. Think of the person who shuffles along with rounded shoulders and face looking at the ground, their confidence appears to be close to zero. There is a middle group with mediocre posture, and move in a way that says, ‘I have no reason to feel proud of myself.’

Then there are those who walk tall and with poise. The look says, ‘I am comfortable in my skin and my place in the world.’ By changing your posture you can turn a negative attitude into a positive one. Straighten up, speed up your step and feel an immediate surge of confidence.

7). Stop Worrying About…..

If you ruminate on every slip up you make, you run the risk  of sending your self-confidence into a tail spin at lightening speed. By accepting that making mistakes is part of Life, a learning experience and that everyone makes mistakes,  perhaps rather than beat yourself up, turn the situation around and think, “What can I learn from this?. How can I make sure it doesn’t happen again?”
Keep your confidence up by focusing on what you got right and did well even if it wasn’t 100 percent perfect at the time. When you’re feeling good about yourself, you’re in a prime position to take advantage of opportunities that come your way.

Boost Confidence And Reap The Rewards

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