5 Ideas For The Perfect Mother’s Day Celebration

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Mother’s Day is just around the corner! Even if you haven’t figured out the perfect gift yet, you still have plenty of time. In fact, we’ll include some ideas that you don’t have to wrap so you can make the most of the time you’ve got. And even if you did forget about it altogether (oops), that’s not important. Mother’s Day isn’t about the gift itself. It’s about the time and thought you put into it.

That means you don’t have to depend on fancy jewelry or a weekend getaway to make an impact. Something as simple as a day of pampering and a stress-free picnic can mean the world to any mom. If your family is really low-key, just let her sleep in and bring her breakfast in bed. Otherwise, check out these ideas to get the creative wheels turning, and keep the whole thing chemical-free!


Take a Class

There are classes for everything from cooking to economics. Find something your mother is interested in, and sign the two of you up for a class. If you think she’d enjoy the class more by herself, then just sign her up! Either way, taking a class is something that doesn’t have to have chemicals involved. If she loves meditation or yoga, sign up for that. Partner yoga is incredibly challenging and rewarding for everyone, and you’ll both get in shape!

On the flip side, something like a cooking class could really help you both out. It’s kind of like pre-paying for dinner for a month or two. You’ll go out, learn to make something new, and get dinner out of it! It’s much more interactive than going to a movie or something, and you get the benefit as much as she does. It’ll do wonders for your relationship to be able to spend some one-on-one time together as a couple.

New Essential Oils

Essential oils are a staple for pretty much everyone. Some of them have very beneficial properties like lavender oil for relaxation or tea tree oil as a mild disinfectant. Some of them just smell really good! Regardless of how your mother likes to use them, take a look at her collection and decide if there are some scents or staples she might like.

If picking out new oils isn’t something you feel comfortable with, you can still get her some. Do the same thing, go through her collection. Whichever oils are lowest are ones she apparently likes. Buy her some replacements of those, and you’re sure to have hit the mark! Make sure to get the same brand, because there is a wide range of quality available.

New Greenery for a Green Thumb

If your mother is an outdoor lover, a gardener or just has an incredible green-thumb, take that into account when planning your gift. Keep in mind what she likes to work with though. Mother’s Day is in spring, so you can pretty much take your pick of almost anything. If she loves gardening and working with herbs, a fruit, vegetable or herb might be the best option. If she loves flowers, annuals are incredibly popular around Mother’s Day. If you know she loves reworking her garden each year, or if she does a lot of potted plants, then annuals are lovely.

However, no matter how popular annuals are, there are some benefits to perennials. For established gardens that are longer-term, perennials are the way to go. These babies bloom and grow year after year, no replanting required. Shrubs and bushes are also a great option if she’s willing to put in something that large and permanent!

If you, like many people, live in an area where you might not have your own yard or garden, then you might want to switch things up a bit. Hanging baskets make beautiful additions to a home, both inside and out. If you have room on a window or deck railing, then planter boxes are also fantastic options. You can even put herbs and vegetables in them and arrange a little mini-garden for your family!

Plan A Picnic Hike

There’s nothing quite like getting out away from everything. This can even be a family affair, so long as Mom doesn’t have to do any of the work. Get together some of her favorite foods, which can definitely include take-out, and get everyone ready. Don’t tell her where you’re going, just ask her to wear sturdy sneakers, comfy clothes and pack some eucalyptus oil if bugs are an issue. Pile everyone in the car and head out!

If she has a favorite spot or if you know of a place she enjoys that you can let the kids run wild in, take her there. The goal is to allow her some time to relax and let you run after the kids, keeping them in line as best you can. Even if your kids are older, this is still a great way to encourage the whole family to bond.

This is a great thing to do for kids as well. Many moms love to spend the day with their family, so long as they don’t have to do the majority of the “mom-ing” for the day. The kids will get to run themselves ragged as well, so they might actually go to bed early for the night!

Pay for the Pampering

There are a ton of options out there for all-natural spa days. Massages can be incredibly relaxing, especially if she’s a new mom. In that case, the time alone might mean even more than the massage itself, but that pampering will work its magic in the days to come.

Many spas will keep things as chemical-free as you request. One of the best options would be to find a natural hot spring near you and take her there. Those tend to act like hot tubs, but without all the chlorine and harsh cleaning agents.

If you don’t have one near you, a spa day is still a good option. They’ll help reduce her stress, relax away any aches and pains she might have and promote a good, solid night’s sleep. If you talk to the spa ahead of time, they can arrange to keep all of those activities completely chemical-free and use only natural ingredients. Those are things all moms need!

These ideas will keep the chemicals low in the household, while also increasing all the love available. There’s nothing better a mom could get for Mother’s Day.


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