5 Chemical Free Tips To Trick Yourself Healthy

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Have you wondered what you can do to give yourself a chemical free boost and feel better without resorting to other means? These are clever little tips we have stumbled upon in our quest for chemical free living and would like to share with you, we want to help you boost your mood and creativity with these short and fun tips. Going chemical free and thinking healthy living is easier than you think!

Chemical Free Living, Simple Tips To Boost Your Soul!

1) Stare At Something Blue

Girl Looking at the SkyStaring at something blue such as the sky or a blue wall will trick your brain into being more creative.

A Canadian study found people who were surrounded by blue during a brain taxing task came up with twice as many inventive solutions as people working on a red computer screen.

Scientists believe it’s because we associate blue with water, which makes us feel peaceful and in the right frame of mind to think outside the box.

2) Have A 20 Minute Caffeine Nap

20 minute power nap for health, The Chemical Free HomeHaving a 20 minute caffeine nap can trick your body into thinking it’s had a good nights sleep.

When it comes to increasing your alertness when you are sleep deprived, 2 separate studies proved that drinking a cup of coffee before having a 20 minute nap, is more effective than using either strategy on its own.

The 20 minute snooze recharges your brain while the caffeine has a chance to kick in more quickly when you are in a relaxed state. As we now know, the research and word is out on the massive benefits an afternoon nap has on the human body for longevity and healthy living

3) Sniff Some Fruit

eat pears for chemical free living, Chemical Free ProductsYou can try sniffing some fruit to trick your appetite into sticking with a healthy eating plan.

French researchers have confirmed that scents influence our food choices heavily. When people were exposed to the smell of pears before choosing a desert, the majority chose the healthier fruit based option, rather than a delicious chocolate brownie.

Tip of the day, keep a ripe pear handy!

4) Think Positive

think positive for a happy chemical free life, Tips Healthy Living, healthy living tips for womenTo trick your immunity into functioning more effectively, think positively.

You’re less likely to become ill after being exposed to a cold or flu virus when your head is filled with positive emotions US researchers have confirmed. Healthy living is very much about our mental state and the power of our thoughts is far stronger than we are often aware.

5) Flick Through An Old Photo Album

photgraph album to boost happiness and joyTo trick yourself into feeling happier, flick through an old photo album.

Science says that looking at favorite photos of friends and family can boost mood by a around a whopping 11% .

That’s 10% more than the mood enhancing effects of eating chocolate, having a glass of wine, watching TV or even listening to music.

Chemical Free Living Tips To Keep You Healthy

I am wonderfully excited to see so many people around the world becoming increasingly aware of living a healthy, chemical free life. Chemical free living is actually quite simple when you take the time to be aware of what you do in your everyday life, whether it is the positive thoughts or the negative thoughts you are thinking, the foods you eat: are they organic, to the cleaning products you use and most of all the medical prescription your doctor prescribes for you. Being proactive in living a chemical free life is increasingly important in our somewhat toxic world today. I hope you have enjoyed these 5 simple tips. Before you reach for the next painkiller, take a breath, count to 10 and think about doing a little chemical free something to change your mood.


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