10 Easy Ways to Be an Eco-Friendly Business

A sustainable approach to your current business model can generate positive outcomes. As an environmentally friendly company, you’ll be able to work toward a healthier future for your employees and the planet. Plus, it’s a smart tactic to pursue if you want to stand out amongst competitors. Many of today’s consumers prefer green.

Here are 10 ways to become an eco-conscious business:

1. Email More Documents

Did you know paper and cardboard materials contribute most to municipal solid waste totals? The American population discards over 18 million tons into landfills each year. That’s why it’s essential to prioritize digital documents over printed ones. Email everything unless you have to mail or sign a specific paper. Your business’s cybersecurity measures should make this process secure.

2. Switch to LED Lightbulbs

It’s true that LEDs cost more than incandescents, but it’s a worthwhile expense — especially when you consider their lifespan. A standard LED lightbulb lasts for years. They save money and energy, too. You should be able to replace your current bulbs without any issues. Be sure to offer LEDs to your employees so they can use them for any lamps they have at their desks.

3. Rethink Product Materials

If your company sells physical products, it’s essential to reevaluate how you package them. Most businesses use plastic or plastic components for packaging their products. Though it’s possible to recycle plastic, it’s not always smart to rely on consumers to do so. Many communities don’t offer ways to recycle. That’s why you should take steps to eliminate plastic as a brand.

Focus on biodegradable or compostable alternatives instead. There are many eco-friendly alternatives to pursue. You can also consider a sustainable supply chain for your company. Do your current vendors do what they can to be green? Investigate every aspect of the process so you know how to proceed.

4. Offer Digital Receipts

You should strive to offer your customers digital options when possible. Rather than hand them a paper receipt, it’s much more sustainable to give them a way to receive one by email. The same applies to newsletters, bulletins and other information your business disperses. Choose digital alternatives instead. Some customers will still want a physical copy, but it’s essential to have options.

If you take this route, you’ll spend less money on paper and ink. Additionally, you won’t have to deal with excessive paper disposal.

5. Choose Organic Cleaners

Try to choose organic or chemical-free products to clean your office space. Many popular disinfectants and other cleaning products rely on unsustainable ingredients. As a result, your employees and customers may become sick. These substances also contribute to air and water pollution. You should be able to find bulk cleaning products your maintenance staff can use to scrub down areas each day.

6. Supply Transportation Incentives

You could also encourage your workers to take public transportation to work. It’s far better for the environment if there aren’t so many cars on the road every day. Vehicles contribute massive amounts of carbon dioxide output across the United States. If your area doesn’t have reliable access to subways or busses, suggest carpools as a different solution.

Collaborate with your workforce to come up with a thoughtful incentive everyone would enjoy. For example, you could offer to cater a lunch every Friday if your employees take public transportation more often than not. You could even reimburse their bus or subway fare.

7. Try Cloud-Based Storage

What’s better than cabinets stuffed with old papers? A dedicated cloud storage system. Your business shouldn’t have to dig through piles to locate a single document. It’s also not wise to rely solely on an internal drive. Instead, you should use a cloud-based method as an extra backup. You can even scan existing materials so they’re all present online. Trying this method is easier than you think.

You won’t be so inclined to print records if there’s a simple way to share and store them. As a result, you’ll produce less waste as a business.

8. Eliminate Single-Use Objects

Your office space likely uses many single-use items. Do you have a kitchen where employees eat lunch? You can probably eliminate plastic and paper cups, plasticware and napkins to create a more eco-friendly area. Encourage your workers to bring their own reusable containers and bottles so they don’t produce as much waste. You can conduct a similar check for any storefronts you own.

If you don’t want to eradicate single-use items completely, you can choose less harmful materials to stock your office and storefronts with instead.

9. Meet With Virtual Software

Don’t travel to a central meeting location if you can use Zoom or Skype instead. Your employees and clients waste unnecessary energy when they meet away from the office. If you can’t walk, bike or take public transportation to a meeting location, it’s best to have a chat online. Unless you have to discuss sensitive matters you don’t want to talk about online, choose digital options.

Try to opt for virtual calls so you can lessen your business’s carbon footprint. Plus, you’ll save more time as a company. Your workforce may even become more productive if they don’t have to travel so often.

10. Provide Trash Alternatives

Your business should offer various ways for employees to toss their trash. Many people don’t realize that there’s often a better alternative for disposing of their garbage. You can post recycling and composting bins alongside trash cans. Be sure to educate workers on what materials they can compost so they don’t make a mistake. Your business can then use those scraps as a donation for a local community garden.

Become a Greener Company With These Simple Tricks

It doesn’t take too much effort to make a push toward eco-friendly practices. Make sure to involve your employees, patrons and clients so they can make better choices as well. It’s all about how you can rally together to create a better world. You’ll save money, time and energy as a result.

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