What Is Stevia

What is stevia sugar ? It is a better alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners. Stevia is often used for people looking to lead a more healthier lifestyle. Or for those people suffering from diabetes.

Stevia is derived from a plant in the chrysanthemum family. Grown primarily in South America and Asia. The plants intense sweetening qualities are complex molecules called steviosides that are glycosides made of glucose and sophorose and steviol. Those are what make stevia up to 300 times sweeter then sugar. These glycosides do not get absorbed into the body, but simply pass through leaving no calories.

The Japanese use stevia for everything from soya sauce to soft drinks.

Research shows it may actually help aid in lowering blood pressure and regulating glucose levels.

What is stevia and how does it convert from sugar? Well the average conversation rate of sugar to stevia is one cup of sugar per one tsp. Of pure stevia extract. That is a big difference.

Different Ways To Purchase Stevia

  • green powder which is slightly healthier in health benefits, but usually has more of an after taste then white forms
  • White powder form
  • Liquid extract
  • Teas
  • Plant/Leaves

Whatever form you decide to purchase, I would say knowing what is stevia now helps you to decide if this is in fact a better choice for you and your family.

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