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butterflyblissonhandsYou just never know the crazy places one life decision can take you. In my search for health, I’ve learned (happily!) that a non-toxic lifestyle doesn’t have to be void of fashion and expression, especially on your nails. When I started this journey, I had no idea the great product and career I’d find in Jamberry.

So many times, as we strive to reduce toxic chemicals in our environment, we have to let go of things we love in the name of health. About a year ago, my allergies forced me to take a close look at my lifestyle and make some drastic changes: I’ve given up hair dye (but not henna!), convenient lotions and many cosmetics. I even had to change my dyeing practices for my fiber arts business.

Before this change, I had been a nail polish lover. Well, more of a collector of polishes, than a user (they never stayed on long enough to be too devoted to having pretty nails). But the artist in me just couldn’t resist the idea of color on my hands. Once I turned toward a healthier lifestyle, though, I decided to put my nail vanity to rest, and threw out all my polishes.

And then one bright, sunny day I was introduced to Jamberry nail wraps. These little nail films are free of harmful chemicals and create a water-tight bond to your nails. There’s no odor, no latex (which I’m allergic to!) and they’re never tested on animals; they’re even gluten-free. Putting them on couldn’t be easier; all you need is heat (our mini heater is fantastic, but a blow dryer works well too!) and pressure. They can last up to two weeks without chipping or peeling! This was worth resurrecting my nail obsession for.


One of my biggest concerns with any nail product is the removal process. Getting them on may be safe, but what about getting them off? Did I have to use acetone and would it damage my nails? Luckily, the answer is no! With Jamberry, the removal processes is a pampering session.

All it takes is coconut oil and a dental floss harp! I enjoy warming up my oil and soaking my fingers for a minute or so. Then I break the seal around the edges for the oil to get to the adhesive and slip the edge of the dental floss harp under the edge of the wrap. As I slowly work the floss under the wrap, it slides right off, leaving your nails healthy and hydrated.

I love sharing the joys of Jamberry with anyone that wants to give them a try! Feel free to contact me via Facebook to request a sample.


And Jamberry is expanding! I’m so excited that Jamberry has announced its launch in Australia and New Zealand. Finally, we’ll be able to share this great product and company with our friends down under! As a US consultant, I won’t ever be able to sell in Australia or New Zealand, but I can share samples and help other women start their own businesses. Aussies will support Aussies, and Kiwis will support Kiwis!

For free samples for yourself and friends, and to learn more about this amazing product and opportunity, please join my Facebook group:
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Amanda Hartrich

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