Recipes and thoughts For A Raw Lifestyle

A raw lifestyle is a process when you begin this journey. For me it began with a few recipes and now it has transcended into a way of life for my husband and I.

I must admit as much as the raw food lifestyle has a hold of me,I eat about 85% raw each day. I still enjoy my “cooked” soup or stew in the evening, or a wee bit of wild or brown rice, or some cooked veggies. I think going completely raw for me would be too much.

However for others this works. And who knows maybe down the road my day will consist of 100% raw. But for now, I begin my day with a raw smoothie, loaded with goodness, and some vitamins, minerals and greens to boot. I snack on fruits and raw snacks ( which I will be sharing with you at the bottom of this page). My lunch consists of a large salad, some raw bread or bagels, perhaps some seed pate and more fruit.

Lots of herbal teas, of course some good quality water and our veggie juice that we make from carrots, beets, lemons, apples and celery.

By dinner time I am ready for more raw foods but still crave some cooked healthy choices to go along with it.

Below I am going to share with you some recipes I use often in my daily routine.

I hope your transformation to raw food is full of great surprises such as renewed energy, weight loss and over all happiness.

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