Beginning A Raw Food Diet

happyIt may take a bit of an adjustment when beginning a raw food diet, but ask yourself this,

  • Do you want the freedom to eat as much as you like without putting on an extra weight?
  • Do you want less cleanup time, less trash, an increase in mental clarity,  a better nights sleep, or even better, less sleep required and more time to enjoy life?
  • A bowel that functions extremely well, an refreshing  amount of energy, or just a better connection with “Mother Nature”?

Give a raw food diet a chance then.

Many people strive to eat 75% raw and 25 % cooked and you can save your cooked meal for your evening meal if you feel in need of a warm comfort meal. Getting  some good books on eating a raw food diet is a great start. You may want to check these raw snacks and treats out for yourself

Enzymes begin to be destroyed at temperatures above 110-115 degrees, so a good dehydrator, such as the Nesco Snackmaster Pro Food Dehydrator, may also be a tool you would like to add to your kitchen to begin to create some interesting raw foods to indulge in.

To get started in the morning on your raw food diet, it is best to add greens, or a green drink to begin with. Follow with a  fresh juice mid morning, then snack on apples or other fruits, followed by a large salad at lunch, some more fresh juice mid afternoon, and then your cooked foods for dinner. Always incorporate raw dishes with your cooked dishes in the evening, perhaps another large salad or other raw vegetables.

When you begin to notice a difference in your health it will be that much easier to stay grounded and focused on this journey. Having ultimate health is the most important factor to your everyday life. And feeling as best as possible can only happen when you fuel your body with nature’s wonderful raw foods.


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