reduce food wastage

10 Ways To Reduce Food Waste

Have you ever stopped to think about food waste ? Have you ever stopped to think about how much food you might waste in a week and how to prevent food waste? It’s an interesting exercise, because, while we may think that we are actually quite frugal , you may find that once you actually […]

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Laugh for a healthy chemical free life and boost good feeling endorphins

5 Chemical Free Tips To Trick Yourself Healthy

Have you wondered what you can do to give yourself a chemical free boost and feel better without resorting to other means? These are clever little tips we have stumbled upon in our quest for chemical free living and would like to share with you, we want to help you boost your mood and creativity […]

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chew small

6 Weird DIY Home Remedies

Whether it’s passed down from grandma or picked up on Google, it seems everyone has a handy hint to combat ailments. Weird and Wonderful folk remedies have been around for as long as humanity has been around and delving back into old medical tomes, you can read about the weird and wonderful treatments that were […]

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banana date and walnut muffins small

Banana, Date And Walnut Muffins

Power snacks are a great way to fuel your body the right way with snacks which contain a balance of quality protein, carbohydrates and good fats. Kids and adults alike will love these yummy muffins and if your kids love cooking in the kitchen, as ours do, then these are doubly rewarding to make. They […]

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Discover The Health Benefits of Nutritional Foods

Your body is craving healthy nutritional foods when it comes to regaining or maintaining your optimum health and vitality. Feeding your body and nourishing your soul are important steps in having the best quality of health and life balance available to you. Nutritional foods are  key ingredient to this pathway. Kale: is a leafy vegetable […]

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raw food burger

10 Good Reasons To Eat Raw Food For Better Health

A raw food menu is quite simple. Stock your cupboards with all the wonderful supplies you will need. A vast variety of them will be purchased at your local bulk food store or a health food store. Any dish is possible when you keep your cupboards loaded up with such staples as dates, nuts, seeds, […]

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Natural Beauty

Discover The Benefits of Using Home Made Beauty Products Now ask yourself, what are the benefits of using home made beauty products? The obvious reasons are the health advantages to your body, when using these products. Going this route you know actually what you are getting , and are in control of what you put […]

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random acts of kindness

The Power Of An Encouraging Word: Make A Difference

Our local school posted a wonderful and thought provoking article in this weeks  newsletter on the courage to be an individual and the  life changing power of words of encouragement and kindness. These are all qualities we aspire to, many times we live them in our everyday lives. The power of an encouraging word can […]

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homemade toothpaste small

3 Easy DIY Chemical Free Toothpaste Recipes

Creating Delicious, Chemical Free Toothpaste is Easy The most common toxic ingredients found in conventional toothpastes, can include sodium fluoaride, synthetic dyes derived from petroleum or coal tar, sodium hydroxide (also known as lye or caustic soda), titanium dioxide, sodium lauryl sulfate, , artificial sweeteners, and triclosan – might make us think twice about the […]

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clarifying skin toner small

Natural Home Remedies for 5 Common Ailments: Part 1

Common ailments are often so trivial that we rarely bother going to a doctor,  most eventually clear up on their own. Still, they can be annoying, embarrassing or temporarily debilitating, so we usually look for ways to speed up the healing process by using home remedies. For alleviating symptoms, traditional folk remedies are often as […]

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water small

Curative Powers of Healthy Clean Water

The  presence of water on our planet made it possible for Life to come into existence several billion years ago The curative powers of healthy clean water have been known since ancient times: archaeologists have identified bathing places where early cave dwellers treated the sick. In its pure state, this most versatile of substances is […]

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