Natural Massage Soothes Your Whole Body With Essential Oils

massage“Relax and rejuvenate your body”

Natural massage allows you to relax your body, to ease your pain, and promote health and well being. While providing natural therapeutic properties of the essential oils and the healing power of massage therapy.

Natural massage using essential oils has amazing positive emotional and mental effects from it’s experience.

The Health Benefits of Aromatherapy Natural Massage Are Huge!

The health benefits of an aromatherapy massage are mental clarity, relaxation, stress and headache relief. It can cure insomnia, depression, back, neck, arthritics problems, digestive issues, immune system support, skin disorders, circulation and respiratory conditions, and lymphatic system support.

Healing Benefits Of Essential Oils

best-blends-set-of-6-100-pure-best-therapeutic-grade-essential-oiThere are many accounts of the physical healing powers of essential oils. One of the most familiar is that of Gattefosse, the early French aromatherapist who had evidently burned his hand, and immediately thrust it into a bowl of essence of lavender and found it to be healing very rapidly.

Treat Your Body & Mind Naturally…

The oils work on the mind as well , treating anxiety and depression. They stimulate the nerves in the olfactory organs, which are linked directly to parts of the brain that control emotions. Here are some beautiful aromatherapy recipes to restore and treat the whole body and mind.

They are also said to stimulate the nerve endings on the skins surface, and aromatherapist believe that their effect passes back along the nerves until it reaches the pituitary gland.

This gland is in control of all the bodies other glands, including the adrenals, which in turn regulate our stress or relaxation response.

Aromatherapy Natural Massage Is So Effective

One of the most effective ways to use the oils is with a massage. This activates the nerve endings and stimulates the blood circulation near the skins surface, speeding the entry of the oils into the body.

There are a wide range of essential oils on the market to choose from. I will share with you  the most well known and useful ones.


Bergamot Essential Oil has been found to be particularly good for depression, as well as being effective in helping the body to fight infections.


Lavender Essential Oil is known for it’s ability to heal burns and wounds. It is excellent for a relaxer as well.


Rose Essential Oil is derived from the damascena, centifolia, and gallica varieties of roses. It has been
found to assist in helping with tension in women, especially post-natal depression, and stress that follows a break-up of a relationship.


Sandalwood Essential Oil is used for tension and anxiety. This oil is heavy and luxurious. It is also known as a sexual stimulant.


Geranium Essential Oil is relaxing in small quantities.


Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil is a strongly scented oil. A sedative for antidepressant and shock. Use it sparingly.


Frankincense Essential Oil is a calming oil, and deepens breathing.

Neroli oil:

Neroli Essential Oil comes from the bitter orange tree. In cases of nervous tension and anxiety it will induce calmness.

Melissa oil:

Melissa essential Oil is from the lemon balm plant. Its soothing properties dispense depression and black thoughts.

So on your next visit to have your personal natural massage therapy, keep in mind all the mood enhancing qualities these oils have, and discuss with your aromatherapist how your feeling, so he or she can pick the right one for you.

All these essential oils can be found here

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