Natural Healing Herbs: Herbs Are Powerful Healers

healing herbsNatural healing herbs have become even more important in today’s society where the damaging effects of food processing, over prescribing of medications  and everyday exposure to  toxins are present. Herbs are a  potent symbol of a natural and healthier way of life and are so easy to grow yourself.

Today the popularity of herbalism has grown more and  people are discovering  natural healing herbs are  an effective inexpensive form of natural and organic health and well being.

It’s important to know how to choose natural healing herbs and use them safely. Healing herbs are being introduced on a scale unmatched for the two centuries. You will find them  in cosmetics, foods, alternative medicines, teas, and even veterinary remedies.

As fossil fuel reserves deplete and run out and the chemicals that depend on them, it may not surprise you to see the “Chemical Age” replaced by the “Age of Plants”

As herbs become more popular and people realize they can be an integral part of a “greener” lifestyle concerns so is  holistic medicine and organic farming increasing in  popularity. Many people around the world are realizing healing herbs and essential oils can and do play a valuable part in everyday life as concerns for renewable energy and alternative “healthy” sources of healing are needed.

What Is A Herb?

The definition of a herb is applied to a plant where the flowers, leaves, stems and roots are used for food or medicine, or in someway for their scent or flavour.

An herb can be used solely as a food such as watercress for a salad, or basil for salad. Many fresh herbs are very tasty on their own.

Today the popularity of herbalism has grown more and more as people discover that natural healing herbs are an 100% CERTIFIED ORGANIC NON-GMO Culinary Herb Set - 12 popular Easy-to-Grow Herb Seeds by Zziggysgaleffective inexpensive form of health and well being. Whats even better, you can grow a pot of organic herbs on your balcony, in your garden at the backdoor step to have in handy reach to put in your morning cup of tea.. This way you know they are organic and healthy for you.

If you like to try growing your own, I can recommend this starter kit which we bought recently. There is a great selection of herbs which we now use everyday, plus the seeds are organic!

Earliest Known Use Of Herbs

The earliest physical evidence of a European prehistoric diet from excavations in Neolithic lake villages in Western England and Switzerland, show that they had a remarkably varied diet. Archaeologists have found in the pots and waste bins, were the remains of mustard greens, crab apple, strawberry, bramble, wild rose and orache ( a spinach like weed) amongst others. These were  all very nutritional foods as well as remedies which have  been recommended by medical herbalists for hundreds of years.

It is hard for us to imagine the awe with which plants must have been held in in pre -scientific age.

However for our generation an early morning stroll through our herb gardens can be a wonderful experience. Snipping fresh leaves off all different kinds of herbs to use in the kitchen for cooking, cleaning or just to enjoy a nice herbal cup of tea is one of my little pleasures.

At the end of a long day natural healing herbs can be added to your bath water for a relaxing invigorating experience . So its no wonder herbs have drawn so much attention over time. Their benefits are truly wonderful  and there is so much to learn about them.

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