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Who’s your healer?

written by Craig Weiner

In the late 1800’s, there was a man who was as much a philosopher as natural body healing guru and health practitioner of sorts. At that time he practiced something known as magnetic healing which can be comparable to forms of subtle energy healing that is increasingly being used today.

He stated that “Life is but the expression of spirit through matter and that to make life manifest, requires the union of spirit and body.” His name was Daniel David (D.D.) Palmer and he is credited with being the father of Chiropractic.

The idea that the body innately knows how to function and heal on its own is not a new concept. For only a relatively short period of time has there been a dominant paradigm, and profitable one at that, which proclaims that health can come from a source outside of ourselves, be it a pill or a procedure. This “outside-in” thinking has allowed us to surrender our own healing capabilities and hand it over to more “intelligent” others. D.D. also stated that “Disease is a disturbed condition, not a thing or entity.” Not a thing? Could it be that sickness is not caused by a virus, a bacteria, a fungus, etc.?

I think he is saying that these forces exist, but in and of themselves they do not cause disease. When our bodies exist in an unbalanced state, this allows for these harmful entities to gain a foothold. So if disease is really a disturbance of our homeostasis, then it is our personal responsibility to restore balance to our bodies to maintain natural body healing. In that condition, the body has its greatest chance to heal itself.

I believe that the only true healing that ever really happens is something that transpires within an individual.The inner process of integrating the physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual aspects of oneself restores an inner state in which healing can occur. Any number of interventions can be performed by an outside person or force, but healing is an inside job. Outside help, like chiropractic and massage, for example, can be of crucial support, but if an individual cannot allow love and support in, then it is as if that help is fruitless.
When we look to ourselves as balanced, full of healing potential, we can see the possibility of overcoming any disease.

I was recently working with a patient who was diagnosed with lupus. She refused to accept the diagnosis based on laboratory tests as her reality. Fortunately she had past experiences in natural body healing and trusting her intuition that strengthened her resolve. It was as if she drew a firm line in the sand and said “No, you shall not pass here!” She ended up being absolutely correct and she conquered “her disease” in her own powerful way. This is an example of how what we think can really matter.

My friend Mary Anne Radmacher, in her book, Live With Intention, asks her readers to “Run all decisions through this filter; Will this contribute to my physical well-being”? What you think about, eat, believe, drink, how you move, all the choices you make each day, either contribute to your health or to your lack of health, it’s all up to you. It’s all part of natural body healing.

Do you think of your body as one that could overcome any hardship? If you were told you had only three months to live, would you be the person that would do and look at whatever it took in order to heal? Or would you only do what “the doctors” told you to do? Would you be willing to give up whatever habits or actions or ways of being that it took in order to heal your life, and not just your condition? Would healing your relationship with your self, your past, your family, your friends be part of your journey to moving towards health and wholeness? And work towards natural body healing?

I recently worked with another patient who was in constant pain every day and it has changed every aspect of her life. She was extremely saddened by the thought that she was no longer a good role model for her children due to her having to put so much time and attention into taking care of her physical needs. When we looked deeper, what she was able to see, was that by her taking special care of her own body, she was actually modeling a behavior that most of us have a very hard time practicing; that taking care of ourselves needs to be our first priority so that we then have what it takes to be of service and care to others.
It is time that each of us look to being response-able to our own bodies. Learning to be able to respond to what our bodies truly need is where physical well being occurs. It’s the beginning stages of natural body healing. Let’s take back our health and realize how miraculous our bodies are in their ability to self heal. Let’s find ways to learn to let our bodies know how grateful we are for what they do for us each day, and then we can remember that our health is something we have a lot more say about than we thought.

Craig Weiner, D.C. is a chiropractic physician and creator of the Transformational Dialogues and together with his wife Alina are the creators of and Manifestation Wheel and EFT seminars.
Craig Weiner, D.C. is a chiropractic physician and creator of the Transformational Dialogues and together with his wife Alina are the creators of and Manifestation Wheel and EFT seminars. His website is

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