Mindful Meditation For Your Body And Soul

Mindful meditation for inner peace

Mindful meditation is the art of looking inside one selves, and discovering your own inner being. It leads us to to a totally new inner experience, while allowing us to transform our day to day life into a more meaningful and fulfilling existence.

A sauna can be a great place to mediate as well. Mindful meditation is also known as insight because the intention is to gain insight as the true nature of reality. While meditation is the true art of concentration, focusing on a single object, in mindful meditation practice, every aspect of experience is welcomed and appreciated. Keeping us anchored in the present moment.

Change comes from within, we are the only ones who can think our thoughts, and who can change ourselves. Going within and calming our mind is self healing. Stress is caused by negative thinking, and causes dis-ease in the mind, which when left untreated and ongoing, manifests as dis-ease in the physical body. That is why it is so important to use mediation on an ongoing daily basis. A helpful book that I found useful is Meditate Daily.

So often our mind will wander when meditating, you simply direct the mind back. Your thinking process will continue as you mediate, if we consciously try to prevent thinking, this is going to have a rather negative impact on our practice. Instead we are encouraged to gently bring our attention back. Continuing to do this as many times as distraction or thought occurs. There is no right or wrong way when you are beginning to bring mindful meditation into your daily life.

Eventually our mind will become calmer. Observing everything that passes before our attention. Becoming fully awake and aware of what is going on in the present moment. Using your breathe to anchor in mediation, when breathing and mediating, distractions will appear, such as sounds, ideas, images, and feelings. Do not exclude any of these, rather just sit quietly and observe.

Many people may not realize this but they are meditating when going on a simple stroll through the woods. Taking in the beauty and being awed by nature can be a form of unconsciously meditating.

Mindful meditation is about all experiences in life. Applying whatever is happening to us and not try to hold the experience outside ourselves, but to be mindful and embrace reality and the present moment. Whether you are working, resting, eating or exercising.

For those seeking a better more fulfilling life, I highly recommend bringing mindful mediation into your life. People who take up mediation often are looking for relaxation, peace of mind, or just better quality of sleep. If practiced regularity mediation can give all of us the above, and often more than you expected. Our soul takes an inner journey and we become more aware of our spiritual dimension.

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