What Does A Low Blood Count Mean?

Normal Iron levels for Women : a low blood count

A low blood count can really be a serious situation. Take it from me. Just a few years ago I found myself in this very similar situation. I was weak, had difficulty breathing, rapid heart beat, and just all over “heavy” feeling.

I soon learned all these symptoms were pointing towards a low blood count. I had become severely anemic. I made an appointment with my doctor and within a few hours of getting my blood work done I received a call from him to tell me to get into the hospital immediately. I had such a dangerously low iron level and hemoglobin levels that I was not in good shape! This situation had become very serious. I was very scared as I had no idea what all this meant. I knew I had suffered from heavy menstrual cycles but I thought everyone did now and again.

Levels for iron under 30 are considered serious and I believe mine was at a 4. And levels for your hemoglobin were considered normal if they were over 140 and I was sitting at around 50-60!! I can tell you I was shocked. No wonder I felt so terrible.

We were in the process of changing our lifestyle at this time. And I knew I had to do some research to find out what I could do to maintain my blood levels naturally.

First there were certain foods I could consume more of, such as beets, spinach, and other green vegetables. I soon learned that chlorella, a blue green algae contained a lot of goodness in it that would help my anemia symptoms immediately. Also the spirulina I was taking daily contained over 60% protein in it. So I started to take it once if not twice a day. This was the beginning of building my blood back up to it’s normal levels.

Learn more on chlorella here

You Should Be Eating Meat!

People were after me to eat more meats. I was living a vegan lifestyle and was not interested in consuming animal fats. And I soon learned that animal proteins were not nearly as high in protein as we had been taught to believe all our lives.

Natural Remedies

Day by day I started to improve and spent countless hours researching all the different foods and natural remedies I could take.

Much to my happiness I stumbled upon an herb called Yellow Dock This little herb literally saved me. It helped tremendously with my heavy bleeding and helped me to conserve my iron and hemoglobin levels. It has absolutely no side effects and works for me!

Also I would recommend a liquid iron as opposed to the tablet form as it assimilates into the body much more quickly.

A complete blood count or CBC  should be run by your doctor if anemia is suspected. This will measure both your red blood cell count and hemoglobin level.

I hope all this information on low blood count will help you to start to regain your energy and allow you to get back to your “old self” again!

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