Latest Chemical Free Fitness And Diet Tips for Teens

There are a few tips that teens can follow to make their diet healthier and more effective when they are trying to improve their fitness or their figure.

1.      Drink before each meal -a full glass of water. This way, you will feel more hydrated and more satiated, which will help you to avoid eating excessively.

It is proven by studies that people who apply this trick can reduce their calorie intake by about 400 calories every day. Not only is your appetite dampened, you reap all the health benefits of drinking more water.

Your skin will benefit by looking fresher and clearer, concentration and energy levels improve with staying well hydrated, digestion functions to optimal levels, plus many more benefits. Studies estimate 90% of people in the USA are dehydrated, or severely dehydrated!

H2O is wonderful, natural way to achieve your goal.

In one study, people who drank water regularly over those who didn’t, lost additional weight. It seems finishing off that extra glass of liquid causes you to feel fuller. You are less tempted to overeat during meals or to indulge in snacks to stave off hunger pangs. It’s good to make sure your water free of toxins so use a filter, or have your tap water checked for contamination.

2.      Use stevia. Sugar in food and drinks is one of the big reasons why many weight loss plans fail. It is actually 50 times sweeter than normal sugar. If you need to sweeten your meals use stevia, it is a sweetener without calories, this way you will be reducing the calories you take in in one day, one of the keys to lose weight.

It is incredibly helpful in lowering pressure and it also heals  wounds quickly. The name Stevia comes from a plant. That is why it’s sugar’s smart first cousin. Stevia is valued for what it doesn’t do. As an example, stevia doesn’t add calories.

The stevia plant is expounded to the flower and ragweed plants. Many of the stevia species are  native to Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. However, the most prized species grows in Brazil and South American nation. The folks in these areas have used the leaves of this plant to sweeten food for hundreds of years. The traditional stevia use  in these regions also promotes stevia as a natural healing treatment for burns, abdominal issues, and interestingly as a contraceptive.


3.      Go for dark chocolate. Many of the teenagers around the world crave sweets every day. If it is something that you’re craving, opt for dark chocolate. It has healthier nutrients to improve your health, such as antioxidants and you  also eat less calories.

It may give you an extra boost of much needed energy as an afternoon snack. Researchers found that people who ate dark chocolate on a daily basis were slimmer than those who abstained altogether. Most chocolate is highly processed such as milk chocolate or white chocolate, so make sure you choose only 80% and above.

Though it was once believed that chocolate contained the very best levels of flavanols, recent analysis indicates that, counting on how the chocolate was processed, this may not be true.

The great news is that the majority of large major chocolate makers are looking for ways in which to increase the levels of flavanols in their processed chocolates.  Chocolate with lower cocoa levels  is loaded with alternative fats and sugars and chocolate that has not undergone the Dutch process cocoa is treated with an alkali to neutralize its natural acidity.

4.      Exercise self control with the portion sizes. If you want to lose weight, be careful with the portion sizes of your meals. Measure the quantities, use smaller plates since this tricks the mind into believing you are eating more.

Keeping to smaller portion sizes can help in managing calorie intake and this additionally has advantages for blood sugar management. It is worth noting that increased waist size is directly related to decreased endocrine sensitivity

5.      Move more. Regular exercise that gets your heart rate up quickly burns the amount of calories that you eat during the day. Walking, swimming, gym workouts, cycling, yoga and Pilates are all great ways to lose weight, stay flexible and healthy, plus are a great way to reduce stress.

6.      Do not drink calories. Say no to that soda! Many people cannot lose weight because of the sheer amount of calories in their drinks. It is important to be aware that we not only take in calories from what we eat, but also from what we drink.

By choosing to drink water over a fizzy drink or alcohol, you can reduce your calorie rate easily. You can add extra flavor to your drinking water with a little slice of cucumber, lemon or mint if you arn’t so keen on plain water!

7.      Avoid going hungry. To lose weight you don’t need to go hungry. Eat 5 small meals a day, every 3 hours, for example, and you will avoid those energy zapping low levels of blood sugar. This way you won’t be tempted to binge eat when your blood sugar levels drop and you feel ravenous.That would be fatal to your goal of weight loss and fitness.

8.      Eat high protein and fiber food. These foods will be perfect to achieve your goal, since you will feel more satisfied throughout the day, so you will avoid eating extra calories. It is proven a diet rich in healthy organic protein and fiber helps people to lose more weight.

9.      Do not eat dinner late, or eat large amounts. The saying “eat like a king for breakfast and a pauper for dinner” holds true as your digestion is winding down in the evenings. Morning is peak digestion time. Your evening meal should be small and light, such as a smoothie, a large crunchy salad with a small amount of protein. Ideally your evening meal should have a maximum of 25% of the calories of the day, and you should eat at around 6-7 pm,  about 2 or 3 hours before going to bed.

10.  Use natural supplements. Teens should stay away from chemical laden, unhealthy diet weight loss supplements, but natural supplements, like CBD from American Hemp Oil can help digestion and promote better health overall. CBD oil is the perfect supplement when it comes to fitness and weight loss. And, in case you were concerned, American Hemp Oil contains no THC.

11.  Sleep more. Lack of sleep causes all sorts of issues and one of them is you eat more during the day. Sleep at least 8 hours a night for the best results regarding mental health and overall wellbeing, weight loss and fitness.

These are a few useful tips you can use a a teenager to lose weight, or for parents to help their child. The foods we eat and the liquids we drink everyday have a huge implications on how we feel emotionally and physically. Wellness on every level is a goal to aim for at any age!

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