Recipe For Juicing Beets


Juicing beets for me plays an important role in my daily regime. My iron levels have always been on the low end of things so since I began my juicing routine I am happy to report that my levels are improving quite nicely.

Not only are beets loaded with tons of vitamin A they are also high in potassium, making these a wonderful laxative. Also high in betaine an enzyme that strengthens and nourishes the liver and gallbladder. All the more reason to introduce these wonderful sweet, colourful, tasty veggies into your day!

Visit here to learn more on what and why   beets, or beetroot as they are also called, are such a powerhouse . For me they are a must have!

Beets are also an inexpensive way to juice, much like carrot juicing. They keep well in a cool dark area, and are often priced right for anyone’s budget.

The Recipe

Popeye’s Power

  • 1 large organic beet ( with top) peeled and cut into pieces
  • 2 organic kale leaves ( large)
  • 6 organic spinach leaves washed
  • large handful of organic or handpicked ( in my case from my yard) dandelion leaves

Juice all the above ingredients using your  juicer

Next whisk in 2 tsp. of organic black strap molasses

This recipe for beet juicing is a highly energizing recipe that supplies plenty of iron and wonderful nutrients into your diet!

When making the decision on what juicer to purchase, please do give it considerable thought. I learned the hard way about getting a inexpensive juicer. First of all the cheaper models do not last long, and secondly they do not produce the same amount of juice that the better quality machines do.

Make juicing beets a part of your everyday routine, start to feel a difference from consuming large amounts of fresh veggies each day by simply drinking them.

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