Starting A Juice Fast

This article was written by Sean N Burrows

A juice fast is one of the most recommended methods of fasting, as it isn’t as exhausting and difficult as just plain water fasting. My preferred fast is with juice, because I still get all the benefits of a cleanse, but I don’t get hungry and often. There’s nothing wrong with water fasting, but juicing is a safer and more enjoyable way to fast.


The best way to get all the benefits of juicing and totally cleanse your system is by adding green super foods into the juice. These usually come in the form of a powder substance and can be easily mixed in with any juice of choice. A lot of people think juice fasting involves the tedious use of a juice machine every day. Personally, I don’t use a juicer as they’re a pain in clean. If I’m going to juice whole vegetables, I love using my Vita-Mix as its much easier to use and the clean up is simple.

However, if you just want to do an easy fast without having to juice vegetables. My favorite is buying a gallon of organic, not-from-concentrate apple juice, and mixing it with some super food powders, especially green. You can easily pour the desired amount of juice into a blender, add 1 TBS of your super food powders and take it with you.

The apple juice dilutes the taste of the powders enough to make it enjoyable to drink, and it’s very simple. You can take a bottle of your mix with you anywhere you go and sip on it throughout the day. This will prevent hunger pangs and sustain your energy all day long.

A common juice fast can last anywhere between 1 day to 1 week long. You can go longer if needed, but usually it isn’t necessary unless the body needs some extreme healing from major illness’ such as cancer.

Typically, a 2-3 day juice fast will give you great cleanse for your system. This will rid the body of all toxins, heavy metals, free-radicals, and cure most illness’. It will completely flush out all the junk stuck inside the colon. And will give the liver a strong boost and relieves all the stress it has built up trying to rid the body of excess toxins.

The longer you go with this routine, the most effective the cleanse will be. After the cleanse, it’s vital to eat a healthy diet and not immediately indulge on junk foods, or it will all have been for nothing!

Bonus Tip!

The best way to receive the awesome benefits of a Juice Fast, is by adding in quality super foods in powder form.

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