Ibs Syndrome: Natural “Cures” for IBS

Ibs syndrome may be more common then you may know. When dealing with all these symptoms myself, I soon discovered that I to may be suffering from this condition. My doctor had suggested it on one visit but I was not “buying” into it. How could this syndrome take hold of me? I was a practicing vegetarian, a daily juicer, a water drinker  and a person who consumed a lot of raw foods to boot. I thought this irritable bowel syndrome only affected people with poor lifestyle choices and diet. But I soon discovered I was wrong!

Eliminating Gluten Again

Back in the fall of last year I decided to start introducing gluten back into my diet. For the longest time I over indulged daily in WAY too many serving of fresh delicious breads. ( For anyone following a gluten free diet, you can attest how our gluten free breads are not as fluffy and fresh as our competitors)

As time passed I was amazed I was having no “ill” affects from my new found friend “gluten”. I was soon going to be surprised!

Let The Baking Begin

In the spring of this year. I decided to “spoil” my hubby who was building our new home for us at our cottage, and working so hard, with lots and lots of home baking just like Grandma used to make. And of course while I was feeding this to him I to was feeding it to myself, and lots of it! At the same time my Dad was failing fast with a horrible illness  and my stress levels were increasing as we cared for our dear Father.

It was a day after his funeral that my symptoms of IBS syndrome began to hit me. After numerous visits to the doctors and emergency rooms and lots of test, it was determined I was suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome. A condition closely related to other conditions such as Ulcers, and Diverticulitis.

The Signs Symptoms IBS

When listening to your body you will soon discover symptoms that are appearing. For me it was the lower back pain, and abdominal pain to begin with. Then I had stomaches, bloating and fullness in my stomach area. On top of this I had bouts of diarrhea and constipation.

My symptoms got worse with certain foods. They say smoking, alcohol, and coffee are big triggers, but since I do none of the above I was getting confused why my problems still invaded my body. Of course I started to realize it was the gluten that was contributing to part of my problems for sure. Interestingly, it is generally women who suffer from irritable Bowel Syndrome

For every person the symptoms may vary. But paying close attention to your body is crucial!

Time For A Change

After much research I immediately eliminated gluten from my diet. Learning that wheat was one of the biggest triggers as well as stress to this problem. I started filling up on fibre rich foods, such as fruits, berries, whole grains, and beans. Eating smaller amounts, consuming lots of raw foods as well. I found made a real difference to my digestive health and especially bloating.
It’s been a slow process, but IBS syndrome is not going to win. I am determined to heal my body once again by making wise choices when it comes to “fueling my body” with the right foods it needs.
I can only hope that by sharing my story this will help others out there suffering from the same problem.

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