How To Sprout Seeds

How to sprout seeds may be the question you are asking to get you started. All you need are some seeds such as alfalfa, clover,wheat grass, radish, or broccoli. You can also sprout lentils, chickpeas, Brussels sprouts seeds, mungbeans, chia seed sprouts and peas. The list is endless.

Years ago when are boys were young we owned a three tier sprouter. We were sprouting all the time, the kids love to munch on them in the kitchen and I loved the idea of having them readily available to us at all times. Then just a few months back I had purchased some sprouts in a pinch as I had none available to us at home. And as soon as I consumed these sprouts I was running to the nearest bathroom from an allergic reaction to the chemicals they spray on these sprouts it was awful. We immediately threw them out and began our own sprouts and our sprouter has not stopped growing wonderful organic treats for us since then!

An Inexpensive Way To Enjoy Greens

Shop and Save!

Sprouting seeds cost pennies per serving. The beauty of this process is that you don’t need to live on a farm and have tons of land to get started. All you need is a seed sprouter, some seeds and away you go to sprout seeds at home.

People can make their own sprouter using a jar if you want. You must find a jar, and some screening, netting etc. This has to be secured over the jar lid so that when you are rinsing your sprouts daily the seeds do not fall through. After the rinsing when using a jar you must place it on a 45 degree angle to let it drain off any excess water. A dish drainer comes in handy in this case. I prefer when doing a lot of sprouting to use my larger sprouter

pea sprouts,bulk sprout seedsWhen deciding how many seeds to put in your sprouter this varies, for example clover you will need 3 tbsp, but  with lentils you need ¾ of a cup. So it really varies quite a bit and you will have to experiment as you go.

Learning How To Sprout Seeds

Learning how to sprout seeds is easier then you think. And in just a short time 4-5 days you will be consuming healthy sprouts as part of your diet. You must store them in a plastic bag or sealed container in your fridge.

The basics of how to sprout are easy to follow and fun to do. You soon will be on your way to enjoying healthy sprouts you can grow yourself that are 100% chemical free.


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