Healthy Living Through Holistic Healing

happy and gratitudeAs its name implies, holistic healing deals with the “whole” person.
Its approach is to treat the body as a whole and integrated system. The word “healing” has its roots in the Greek holos the same word that has given us “whole” or “holistic”.

Whether you are concerned with being healthy, moving towards greater health, or regaining health, the holistic healing of the whole being, physical, spiritual, and mental are involved in this process.


Healing through Herbal Medicine

The word holism was used in 1926 by J.C. Smuts, to describe the tendency in nature to produce wholes from ordered groups of units. Herbal medicine is holistic in two ways, firstly plant medicines are themselves essentially holistic and secondly herbalists treat people holistically taking the whole being of the patient into consideration, rather then just prescribing according to a specific disease.

Healing through herbal medicine is the herbalists approach to the treatment of the patient. Herbal medicine shares a common feature, namely the perception of the diseases an imbalance, or disharmony seen as a entity to be attacked, rather herbalists seek to resolve underlying imbalances, therefore resolving the disease itself.

Chinese Herbalists And Ayurveda Medicine

Chinese herbalists still comply since the first century BC that hot diseases must be cooled, while cold diseases must be warmed. Ayurvedic medicine categorizes herbs according to their temperatures. Both teach that the taste of a herb, whether bitter, sweet, salty, sour, acid, pungent, or astringent is not incidental, but is indicative of its properties. Modern herbalists simply seek to restore balance and harmony through holistic healing.

An herbalist will consult with their patients and seek to identify which respect the vital force has been breached or undermined. Focusing on careful questioning about the patients past medical history, diet, lifestyle, and even childhood upbringing that has lead them to this visit, Again focusing on the person as a “whole” being. The herbalist may discover that the immune system is compromised or the circulatory or liver function is not working properly. Whatever they discover, the herbalist goes to work to bring the body, mind and soul together to regain health and healing overall.

A Gentle Holistic Approach Works

The gentle approach that this form of healing has provided an excellent answer when seeking any health issues. Its a shame that our government does not recognize holistic healing as a necessity for people today. If there was coverage for such services I truly believe you would see an incredible difference in our society’s health and overall well being combined. The world would simply be a happier more peaceful place in which to live and thrive in!

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