Learn All The Benefits Of Healthy Greens

Healthy greens better known as dandelion greens, are a herbaceous perennial plant, with leaves shaped long and spikey like. Their name originates from “Old French”. Dent-De-Lion meaning lions tooth due to the plants deeply toothed shaped leaves. They are 3-12 inches wide. Other names include, monk’s head, priests crown, telltime, blowballs, Irish daisy, and pisse-en-lit.

It is one of the most recognizable weeds around. It’s leaves can be bitter, and may be used in salads or steamed for your enjoyment. The roots can be used to make a coffee like beverage, and their flowers which consist of bright yellow florets, can be used to make tea. And these greens make a wonderful tasting wine.

Many people fight their lawns to rid them of this nasty weed. However, what most people are unaware of it the benefits of the common greens. Not only can they be consumed and offer many daily requirements of beta carotene and vitamins, they are good for your soil, as well. They attract lady bugs, and provide early spring pollen to your gardens ecosystem and your overall health.

So the next time you wander through your backyard, and stumble upon the these greens, better known as dandelions, look at them in a different way. These bright yellow beautiful weeds, are extremely beneficial in many ways people may not have thought of before reading this article.

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