Discover The Hidden Dangers of Hair Color Allergy

hair color allergiesDuring my four year struggle with severe allergic reactions to hair color allergy, I have learned alot of information in which I am about to share with you today.

Coconut is a natural oil that your hair will love !

Paying close attention to the active ingredient in color PPD, or also known as paraphenylenediamine, 1,4 diaminobenzene,or 1,4 phenylenediamino. It is extremely important that you take the time to read this article and all the information I have gathered up about this.

Alarming statistics have shown the hidden dangers of coloring your hair. And most people have no idea what it is really doing to their health.

PPD is an aromatic amine used as a component of polymers, hair dyes, rubber chemicals, fibers, textile dyes, and pigments. PPD is used in the manufacture of aramid plastics and fibers. It is used in almost EVERY hair dye on the market regardless of the brand. Some of the so called “natural” their health.

Coal tar is another way to darken hair. In fact 70% of hair coloring products contain this dangerous ingredient. It is cheap to produce, easily absorbed through the skin, and can trigger allergic reactions. These allergic reactions can show up, up to 10 years after regular use.

Lead Acetate is one of the most dangerous products found in hair color. It is banned from cosmetics in European Union, and is listed as a carcinogen in California. It is said to be able to disrupt the function of your brains neurotransmitters.

Other health risks involved with hair color are,

DMDM Hydantoin it is found in many brands of hair coloring products, and is also in a variety of beauty products. This preservative has been linked to causing immune system problems and has been restricted for use in Japan.

Ammonia is widely used in hair color, some dyes contain high concentrations of this. The reactions caused by ammonia are, skin inflammation, coughing, running nose, and respiratory problems, and hair color allergy.

Resorchinol also comes with serious health risks. It is used for oxidation in some permanent hair dyes, and is also classed as a possible cancer causing chemical.

My road was a long long road full of lots of health issues, that thankfully have passed. But this hair color allergy did take a toll on me and affected me in all kinds of areas of my life.

I hope someone reading this article learns the “easier” way to heal your body from this horrific allergy and get on the road to a healthier you!

So you can see now why it is so important to consider natural chemical free coloring when deciding to cover up that gray, or brighten your natural color. The health risks involved can be very serious, and you should think twice next time you have to make this decision. And do what is best for the health of your body. A hair color allergy is very dangerous.


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