Gluten Free Cookie Recipes

Gluten free cookie recipes have become a favourite in our home since I discovered I had an allergy to gluten. My cupboards quickly became loaded with all the gluten free flours available out there. Soon to find some worked better then others.

Because I was new at all this there were a lot of trial and errors at first with some of my gluten free recipes. But over time I became better at them and soon found this lifestyle quite easy.

The baking is pretty much the same except you replace regular flour with gluten free flours.

Sometimes adding xantham gum to bind the flour better and add amazing volume to your foods. A favourite of mine is brown rice flour, or you can buy an already made gluten free all purpose flour. You may want to look for your own recipe on Gluten Free Flour Mix this way is much cheaper then buying the already packaged kind.

Good quality ingredients make all the difference in your gluten free chocolate chip cookie or your peanut butter ones, either way the ingredients you buy make the outcome on how your cookies will turn out.

I will share with you some of our families favourites and hope that you find spending time in the kitchen as enjoyable as I do.

Don’t feel frazzled and confused by this type of baking, anyone with an allergy to gluten will tell you it’s really not that hard to bake this way. You can now wow your guests with some delicious cookies and a new gluten free dessert or two.

GF cookies

When eating out at friends or families homes you can tell them ahead of time of your allergy, and if you are worried there will be no treats there for you to indulge in, just bring your own. It’s really that simple, then you can be assured that you to will be indulging in sweet treats as well.

So sit back and enjoy as I share with you some gluten free cookie recipes for you to try today!

Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookie

Maple Syrup Cookies

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