Frugal Living: 8 Simple Ideas To Saving You Money Every Day

Frugal living is easier then you may think. By taking some small important steps, you will soon discover that you too can live a frugal lifestyle. Here are some of my favorite little tips to begin living a frugal lifestyle I’d  love to share with you all.

1) Make Use Of Your Local Library Facilities

Start using your local library for your weekend entertainment. There you can receive new release movies, magazine subscriptions, and wonderful novels for absolutely no cost to you or your family. We have made it a habit of getting about 4 or 5 really great movies each week, and then on weekends we can curl up with our popcorn and blankets and enjoy a movie at no cost to us.

This is what frugal living is all about!

The magazines we  subscribe to are those such as Harrowsmith, Vegan Cooking and Healthy Living. This way we are saving lots of money monthly by getting a years subscription.

A tip on the snacks for movie watching for frugal living is to buy the kernels and invest twenty dollars in a hot air popcorn machine and pop your own popcorn and cover with a dusting  cinnamon and icing sugar. Melted butter drizzled over the popcorn is so good:) This is truly the cheapest snack we have found to have.

2) Check Out Sales At Your Grocery Store

Plan your meals around what is on sale at your local grocery store. This can help you when beginning your frugal living journey. It’s really that simple. If a chicken is on sale, grab a  jar of  pasta sauce and make a chicken pasta dish for that week. Or if yams are on sale and grapes and oranges. Make sweet potato fries and a fruit salad  for dessert. Using coupons is another awesome way to save a few bucks off your grocery bill each week. Try buying in bulk items such  as rice in large bags and meat in large quantities.

3) Plant A Vegetable Garden And Enjoy The Best Of Seasonal Organic Produce!

Plan a large vegetable garden. Growing your own veggies is a wonderful way to begin living frugal and organically. We  save our seeds from each year and this eliminates purchasing seeds each year to plant. We often buy heritage seeds as well as the produce tastes  so much better We preserve and freeze excess vegetables during the growing season to use in the winter months when vegetables are more expensive to purchase. Farmers markets are a great place to go for  fresh  produce that is even less expensive then the stores.  You can  cut and freeze such vegetables such  as tomatoes and peppers to use in soups, pasta dishes, stews and stir fry’s all year long.

4) Make Your Own Natural, Chemical Free Cleaning Supplies

Make your own cleaning supplies. It’s much less expensive to do this then to purchase them at the store. And a lot healthier as well. When doing laundry, use cold water as  that cuts down on your electricity  bill   and of course using your cloths line is a free way to dry your clothes and they smell fresh and wonderful too.

5) Compare Mobile Phone Bill Plans

Compare your mobile phone your satellite, Internet and telephone company bills monthly. They are constantly adding new promotions each month and won’t tell you about them unless you inquire. It’s worth the call  as it can save you hundreds of money.

6) Compost All Those Scraps And Feed Your Garden Love & Goodness

Compost all your vegetable, fruit peels and add in  your coffee grinds as well. Composting allows you to have less garbage and also makes wonderful rich fertile soil that you can use to make your own hanging flower baskets in the summer with and to grow your veggies in your garden.

7) Choose Solar Power

Keep a close watch on your electricity consumption. At our cottage we are solely on solar energy so therefore we become very aware when people leave  lights on unnecessarily. Having solar power makes frugal living  that much easier to do. Going around and turning switches off in your rooms will save you truckloads of money each year.

8) Reinvent, Repurpose And Hand Make Christmas Gifts

Make your next Christmas a frugal one. Our family have been having a second hand and handmade Christmas for the past three years. It’s wonderful fun  as we all become very creative and inventive. We have a rule that you have to either make it or purchase it at a yard sale, second hand store or flea or antique market. This process makes gift giving and gift finding fun and exciting. And also allows us to really splurge on our family members as we get so much for so much less.

Whatever your decision is to start living frugally today, I can tell you it’s a lot more fun to shop and live when you are challenged by making frugal decisions along the way. Going out  and finding that  bargain  is exciting and you tend to see it as an adventure rather then a bother. We stock up on all kinds of sale items and often spend hours  in our local Salvation Army store getting a whole new wardrobe for under 10 dollars or finding that perfect birthday or Christmas gift for that special someone on your list.

Get the whole family involved and living frugallycan actually become very addictive at times. You are always looking out for bargains and sale items and find yourself getting excited on Saturday mornings in the summer when it’s time to visit your local yard sales again.

So get out there and become actively involved and enjoy a  more frugal lifestyle! Watch your bank balance increase :):)

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