Learn About Food Additives And Their Hidden Dangers

food additivesFood additives are  a major problem in our society today. More then 3000 + substances are  added to foods for the purpose of preservation, coloring , texture, increase flavor  and improve shelf life. While each one  is legal to use, the question is, are they safe to  consume? The answer is a resounding NO!

Read Labels Carefully…

Processed foods carry a large number of additives and preservatives. The buildup over time causes damage to your whole system , causing a general feeling of unwellness and ill health.This is why it is so important to eat whole foods as much as possible.  When making your store purchases, get into the habit of reading all the labels carefully before making that purchase. You will be shocked and amazed at what manufacturers add! I certainly was. Here is an interesting article on what food additives are banned in Europe, yet allowed here

Are They Addictive, Or Cause Behavioral Issues?

People do become  addicted to such things as aspartame and are unable to withdraw without suffering severe headaches, diarrhea, cramping and nausea. The withdraw program that is recommended for such individuals is Soft_drink_food_coloringsimilar to a drug and alcohol program. So as you can see this problem is very serious for these people.

A study has shown the effects that food additives have on our children. In a study done by the Food Safety Agency researchers fed children fruit drinks spiked with a mix of either sunset yellow coloring and sodium benzoate. These additives are found in soft drinks as well.These findings show that adverse effects are not just seen in children with extreme hyperactivity such as ADHD but can also be seen in the general population experiencing hyperactivity.

There is no doubt that artificial coloring chemicals directly cause behavioral problems in children , thus interfering with their normal nervous system function.

Can Additives Cause Deaths And Illness?

The Center for Science for the public interest in the USA reports that additives in food causes an estimated 76 million illnesses, 325,000 hospitalizations and 5,000 deaths in the United States each year. Most of which are never reported to the public health officials.

The most common food additives are flavorings, such as spices, synthetic flavors and vinegar. Sweeteners( corn syrup, fructose, dextrose, and sucrose are very damaging and have high fructose levels.

Food Coloring Dangers…

food coloringColoring’s are another  food additive, most coloring’s are synthetic dyes, but some for example ( chlorophyll, beta carotene, and carmel) are naturally formed chemicals. You can read about what food colorings to avoid here

Preservatives are divided into antioxidant acid  which help prevent fats, and oils from turning rancid or fruit from spoiling and antimicrobial agents which hinder the growth of mold and bacteria, thus preventing botulism.

Emulsifiers are additives that help produce the desired texture which keep things like mayonnaise from separating.

Do Your Research Into Food Additives

So it goes without saying that you must do your research and find out what additives are in the foods that you buy and digest. There is overwhelming evidence of the dangers of these ingredients. So beware and read all your labels before you make your next purchase.

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