Eat For Health To Stop Hives And Bring Back Your Life

My quest to eat to regain my health began a few years back, after endless trips to the hospital emergency rooms and many medical tests. I was so sick and my body was getting worse and worse.

I knew I needed to make big changes or I would never get better. The medical profession didn’t seem to be able to help me, so I went in search of natural alternatives. And it was there I began to get the answers to my health issues.

Making Changes for Me!


All the knowledgeable health folks I came in contact with told me the same thing.


Get rid of animal proteins, sugars, dairy products, reduce and rid yourself of gluten and start eating clean fresh foods they said.

I decided I had nothing to lose and came home and  emptied our fridge out, which in my opinion was full of healthy foods to begin with. But I soon learned much of it was laced with additives and ingredients that were harming my health.

Organic Foods Were An Answer

We began exploring  the organic section of our local grocery store and our produce isles, as well as our local farmers market where we continue to shop  to this day. I loaded our shopping carts up with fresh organic produce, gluten free products, nut butters, nuts, seed, dried fruits, more herbal teas, beans, almond milks, and rice pastas.

Before we knew it, our whole menu had changed. We were now learning to eat for health, I was free of taking steroids and other such meds to gain health. My severe hives had been so bad, there were many days I could not wear my clothes.

I said No To Hazardous Chemicals

Now I made a conscious decision to say NO to any form of hazardous chemicals in my fabric design studio, changed all my shampoos, personal cosmetics, household cleaning products to all chemical free products.

I began making choices to eating differently by following a wonderful step by step plan for regaining  my health and VIOLA, I was finally seeing results. When I first began, I have to say there is SO much information on the Internet that I become quite confused with it all. My friend Jenny recommended the GAPS Program which she had been following for 8 months and she was feeling so much better , her energy had returned and she was happy as she had lost weight.

What she liked most about this comprehensive program was the detail it included, how vital the gut is to overall health and a optimally functioning immune system. Best of all she could follow the steps in her own home at her pace. The Gaps program heals your gut by following the strict protocols and it does take time and determination. But, it’s worth it for feeling well, having energy and not suffering the misery hives is.

Learning What Was Important

Was it fast?  – Of course not, nothing is.
What is expensive? – Yes parts of it were as I needed to get some detoxing products and supplements from qualified naturopaths and needed to buy  quality foods and supplies for my home.

Was it worth it? You are darn right it was!

Do you know that my husband and I never bought that big screen T.V. We bought my health instead. And now over 3 years later, we just went out a few weeks ago and got ourselves a flat screen T.V. Isn’t life grand!!!!

My health is on it’s way up.Thanks to my desire to be proactive by following my program, eat healthily and my need to feel wonderful and energetic again! I continue to strive to eat,continue educating myself and do better all the time. I am now on a quest to live a raw food lifestyle and that without question, is the best one for my health

But I do allow myself treats  and cheats, I like to. Each night I prepare something deliciously healthy and warm for us to eat especially in winter. So in fact, I indulge in cooked foods in the evening. By making those foods good healthy natural ones to eat, I am looking after our health. You will soon be using blenders, dehydrators, juicers and food processors on a daily basis :):)

The Best Is Yet To Come

I encourage anyone going through a health crisis to start the process of dietary elimination immediately. Buy a juicer  if you don’t have one. Get those carrots and beets out and start taking in the organic goodness of fresh vegetable juices a few times a day. If you are really sick and struggling, you can up that to four or five times a day.

Of all the foods you put into  your bod,ymake them as healthy as you possibly can. And I guarantee you, you will heal and you will begin to glow and have energy again  and feel as if you are 10 or more years younger! 🙂

We experienced all these changes. And when we fall off the wagon a wee bit as it does happen, we pick ourselves back up and begin again. You do get addicted to this lifestyle and we really appreciate the big changes our bodies have made.

That glass of wine we used to order at dinner when we went out, became green tea. The French fries became a large salad, or if we really want to be sinful, sweet potatoes fries. But for the most part our lives are rich and filled with the wonderful choices we decide to make each day.

I wish you all the best on your journey to eat for health, and would love to hear from you  and hear your story. Perhaps I will post it for you on my site to help others that are struggling to help give them inspiration too…..

Blessings and health to you all,and whatever you do today, just remember to EAT FOR HEALTH! )

Recommended Reading

Gut and Psychology Syndrome: Natural Treatment for Autism, Dyspraxia, A.D.D., Dyslexia, A.D.H.D., Depression, Schizophrenia by Natasha Campbell- McBride

And The Heal Your Gut Cookbook: Nutrient-Dense Recipes for Intestinal Health Using the GAPS Diet by Hilary Boytnon

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